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Improvements At The Clubhouse

by Ryan Kienast - The Quill

In May, the La Harpe Park District made some major improvements at the La Harpe Community Clubhouse.

The parking lot was paved and a concrete pad was poured to make it safer for special events at the clubhouse, like the Bloodmobile and the Onstage Band.

Having this paved also makes it easier for items to be loaded and unloaded.

Last year, the Park District Board had the greens redone on the golf course.

For the near future, they plan to add to the concrete and follow it to the pool. They had hoped to add new park equipment for the younger ones in town, but are finding it is quite expensive.

"As long as money holds out we will keep putting improvements in." Barry Wright said.

Barry is President of the La Harpe Park District and expressed how grateful he was to have such a great park district. "With the best ball fields around, a great pool, the golf course and the clubhouse, it makes spending summer in La Harpe a wonderful place to be."