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Vehicle Crash

What was to be a fun evening Monday evening for five Warsaw high school teens left two dead and another air-lifted to Quincy's Blessing Hospital and two others with minor injuries according to reports from Illinois State Police, District 14, Macomb.

The one vehicle crash occurred outside Carthage on rolling country roads near the high school that students have often used for joy rides of "hill-hopping."

Dead at the scene were the driver 18-year-old Kathlina Reing of Warsaw and a passenger, 16 year old Gavin Roskamp of Sutter.

Passenger Kaitlyn D. Long, 17 of Nauvoo was listed in serious condition at Blessing and later released.

Two other passengers Kaylee S. Mcghghly, 15 of Nauvoo and Cory T. Kendall, 17, of Warsaw were both treated for minor injuries at Memorial Hospital in Carthage.

According to reports, around 6:20 p.m., Reing was driving a 2006 Chevy Colbalt at a high rate of speed at Hancock County Road 1600 North about 1/2 mile east of 1950th East jumping the vehicle on the crest of a hill and lost control rolling several times before hitting a tree. Kids who were inside the vehicle told officers they were traveling to an area known as "butterfly hills" where local kids attempt to "hill-hop" a steep hill with their vehicles.

Police said the five teens were wearing their seatbelts and that no alchol or drugs were involved.