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Will Flag Day June 14 Be Significant For You?

By Elaine Slater Reese (Special For The Quill)

Elaine Slater Reese is a freelance writer in Spring Green, Wi. who grew up in Hancock County - near Bowen, Illinois

It appears that Flag Day is quite insignificant for many Americans.

It's not a holiday where one doesn't have to show up for work.

Few are willing to shell out the money (whether a large or small amount) to purchase a flag.

And certainly not all those who do own a flag go to the effort to display it properly. They don't even know there is flag etiquette.

To some, Ole Glory is just a piece of red, white, and blue cloth.

As they have protested against what it represents, they have tromped on it, spit on it, urinated on it, and burned it.

For others, the meaning is quite different.

They salute the flag as their hearts swell with pride as they reflect on the cost of that cloth and what it represents.

They think of the grandfather, father, sister, or son who gave their life so Ole Glory could fly in the breeze in America - the land of the free.

They totally understand the cost of the American Flag. Words like the World War I, Pearl Harbor, Korean Conflict, Vietnam, Iraq are part of their vocabulary.

They understand the many more chapters of our history that cost life after life.

The American flag gives you and me the freedom we should cherish.

Take time on June 14th to let others know that you respect Ole Glory.