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La Harpe Won't Charge 1% Sales Tax To Dollar General

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

Dollar General will not be paying 1% Sales Tax in the newly formed business district at the east end of La Harpe after the board voted to amend the ordinance that allowed for the measure Monday night.

The Business District will stay in place but due to a contract already in place with the developer, Dollar General is saying they do not want the tax which was to help pay the developer for expenses of putting water and utility to the undeveloped property.

It was said that Dollar General did not want to charge the good people in La Harpe, Sales Tax, who had supported them since they had been here and they were unaware it was being proposed.

The developer will now have to take on the responsibility of the water main and developing it was reported.

City Attorney Richard Rasmussen presented a prepared amendment for board members to sign and approve. It was unanimously approved.

Mayor Ken Brown and all Alderman were present which included Brian Lovell, Todd Irish, Mike Bennett, Vicki Burford, Darrell Kraft and Marcia Stiller and the Treasurer Marcia Neff. Lucretia McPeak City Clerk was absent until after the meeting, due to the illness of her brother.

The board approved paying of bills and approved the treasurer's report and minutes.

Six bids were opened for the painting of the water tower which ranged from $45,000 to $143,500. Central Tank coatings, who had an approved rating, of Elgin, Iowa were awarded the job for $45,000.

The board discussed the balance left of more than $7,000 in feasibility study funding for a new Bio-Diesel plant in La Harpe.

Mayor Brown said the Federal Government wants the money used up quickly or returned.

The board will talk to "Shannon" at the Regional Council in Macomb and Mayor Brown said that he spoke to Jon Hall and he said he "has some different bills in the making" that he thinks will use part of the feasibility funds.

The Mayor also said that Hall and the boys are no longer in the office at the east end of town but it didn't mean there were any problems. They are still doing fund-raising and plan on pre-construction this spring-summer," he said in a letter written to board members.

Tim (Water Supt.) reported that he needs copper sulfate to treat the lake and it was put on hold until the next meeting to decide if they should approve a palette buy of $4500 at a $100 savings to last approximately 2 years and avoid a price increase, or to buy 8 bags at a time as they need it. The chemical is used to kill the alga.

Tim also asked to be approved for training which he is mandated to keep up with.

Mayor Brown reported that Dan and Dave (city workers) need to complete mandated training on excavation work at a school in Peoria. It is a one day seminar.

The city received a letter from AmerenIP stating they will be doing inspections of homes and if they find a problem they will tell home owners to get it fixed or their power is to be disconnected.

The inspection is from the meter to the service hook-up, not inside the home.

IDOT reported they will be resurfacing from the city limits of La Harpe to the county line and replacing a bridge and would like to start in March or early Spring. There will always be at least one lane traffic during this process.

Mayor Brown has a regular county meeting of mayors on January 30 in Carthage.

There were few committee reports on Finance, Legislative, Public Works, Public Property, Public Safety, Cable TV, Subdivision Ordinances, Economic Development, Retirement Fund, Historical & Ada, Police Liquor Commissioner, ESDA.

The board adjourned at 8:43 p.m.