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Missionary Bill Wood, Update From Russia

William Wood, Gladstone resident who sold everything to do mission work in the remote part of northern Russia, writes that he's recovered from a terrible bout of bronchitis. Villagers finally took him to Moscow and with proper medicine, he recovered.

He writes, "I'm now back to health (thank God and all) and today started splitting fire wood for next year, a must. It takes that long to dry out. The needs here are ever so great!"

"Finances are down, but with all the problems you all face there, it's very understandable. Plus, I've been here a long time, but you see, if I leave now, much will be lost as it took years for people to trust me. I'm just now considered one of them.

I told a TV reporter I had plans to stay untill I died. She said: "I hope so!" Why did she say this? She saw 1st hand what we say, we mean. Jesus is alive and He cares. People who know us know we care and TRULY believe in Jesus, however, all in Gods plans not mine. The Church people here are GREAT! They tried every home remedy.

Now, what has been my greatest joy, you ask? NOT possible for me to answer as I have had several, please allow me to name a few;

First- My greatest joy is when I found true Love ( Jesus ) when I received Jesus as my personal Savior, put all my belief (trust) in Him alone to save me from the penalty (hell) of my sins.

My Second greatest joy is when I'm sharing Jesus with others and learn they also made a decision to receive Jesus and see their life changed, some from alcohol, drug, smoking, suicide tend, broken homes, etc.

My Third greatest joy is helping someone who is in desperate NEED not want;

- Fourth greatest joy My parents that God gave me and my very precious brothers.

- Fifth greatest joy is True Friends, too many to name

- Six greatest joy is receiving "The Quill." Does this seem out of place! Let me share.

"Even with new friends its very lonely serving in another country for a good length of time, Just ask any military person who is or has been.

To read about the latest news from Henderson County not only brings great joy, ITS A TOUCH OF HOME!!!!!!!!! Pictures , stories, West Central School, youth who had done their best, who truly want to make a difference for their school, county, parents and yes God. I now ask every student, parent, etc. to watch a DVD called " Facing the Giants!"

An example of helping the most needy: A Mother calls , husband left family years ago (alcoholic) she cries for help. Her oldest son 16 years old dying of cancer, had the look of a skeleton. He needed pain medicine and diapers as he had lost most muscle control, bed ridden, mother in deep stress, we made several visits providing needs along with the Gospel of Jesus. We shared a lot about what heaven would be like and requirements to get there.

"Whoever wants to receive Jesus, opens their heart up and invites Him to come in, understanding the price He paid for you to live with Him in HIS Kingdom forever with a new body one made special for eternity. Well Alexcia wanted this guarantee from God. He knew he was soon going to die. He prayed a prayer of faith and then had new hope even though cancer was destroying his little body fast. He said he wished for one thing, "That he would walk again."

Shortly after this his spirit went to paradise, we spoke at the gravesite about God's promise of eternal life to all who receive His ultimate GIFT (Jesus ). Alexcia is now running even though he only asked to walk.

Next Example: Childrens' little sleds are no toy in northern villages of Russia. With long winter months they are used to haul water and for many a great distance, water not only just to drink, wash clothes, bath, cook, wash dishes, etc, with so much weight and hard use they break, We have welded back together around 100 of them and even have lost track. It's no little thing to carry water, feed, for a long distance, ask any farmer. The only bath is what we call a Bonya, small log type structure with a metal box in which the wood is burnt. You then sit, wait, and rinse off with cool water. We have welded on almost everyone of these stoves in our village and made several new ones, village men 95% have no work and basically live off the land. We have welded on several shovels, pitch forks, splitting malls, old tractors, trucks, horse carts, just to name a few, helping meet the true needs gives such great joy!

Just for our local news, we have lost 9 dogs in 2 - 3 weeks.

Wolves come late night early "morn", due to shortage of food for them this year in our area. I have heard of this before, but first time in our village of Don, since we've been here. Love, and Prayers

- William Wood