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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "New Math" Versus "Old Math!"

"And think of who is try'n to destroy your farm income the next time you cogitate purchase'n another vehicle"

Greetings to everyone in western Illinois. It was the last day of the year, December 31, 2010, and the temperature was 58 degrees F with some thermometers show'n 60 degrees F here in Hancock and Henderson counties.

Some of the "snowbirds" who go to milder winter climates, to seek refuge from our northern winter temperatures, did not have it as warm on the same day. But of course it didn't last very long here and by Saturday of the next day it reversed quickly back to expectations for this time of year.

Most, if not all of the snow has melted off around these parts and the rains Friday morning gave everything a good bath.

It's kinda hard on the animals, these fluctuate'n temperatures, but for us peoples, Friday was not too hard to take.

This past weekend was some sort of special deer season, doe only I believe, and several neighbors bagged some of those 4 legged creatures.

They earned every bit of the venison they shot by weather'n that cold weather with its strong winds. One young pre-teenage lad I talked to said he seemed to warm up quite a bit "after he shot his doe".

As for me, I'm glad to see a few more of them "white tailed" terrorists removed from the countryside.

Noth'n quite spoils a new year like a deer smashed into your vehicle.

Bill Jones and the boys shared with us, at the church Christmas gather'n the other day, a little melodrama they encountered.

It seems they discovered John Deere had on their shelves and was sell'n a "Fuel-Protect" from the makers of STA-BIL, under John Deere's label and part number TY27534.

They labeled their product as a "gasoline stabilizer with ethanol problem fighter" and stated it "helps fight against the damaging affects of ethanol in gasoline".

This was a harsh burr under the boys tails fer they had here-to-for viewed John Deere as an "ally" not an "adversary" to ethanol and consequently grain farmers value added income in general.

It seems when John Deere dealers were approached on the matter, early on, they rather ignored the indignation of a farm equipment dealer putt'n down their crop "value adder" ethanol.

But as time wore on larger acreage and equipment purchase'n farmers pointed out if'n it weren't for ethanol production, corn prices would probably be below the cost of production right now. Bill sez "how can farmers purchase $300,000 plus combines and $200,000 plus tractors if'n their sales are below the cost of production partially due to negative comments directed to ethanol by John Deere"?

If'n farmers do poorly, it reflects on down the line to our whole rural communities and the jobs shops and small businesses that are dependent on farm prosperity".

"It was like a stab in the back from a trusted friend". "Why", Bill asked, "would John Deere create the possible loss of goodwill and hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment sales for roughly a $4 sale of an 8 fluid ounce container of negative advertisement against their friends"?

Bill sez, "some farmers threatened to cancel their equipment orders worth mega bucks in equipment sales. Others equated the situation to one neighbor contacting another neighbors landlord and rent'n one-half his acreage away from him.

When found out, the thieve'n neighbor simply states "he didn't know there would be an offense take'n to him fer putt'n him out of business and destroy'n his livelihood. So goes the logic, apparently, of John Deere fuels protect labels".

Anyways by year end John Deere recognized their misjudgment, pulled the product from their shelves internationally as well as domestically, and apologized for the offense, hope'n to cut their losses and rely'n on folks short memories, it would seem!

Meanwhile, Sandy Bob sez "American auto manufactures, thru their trade organization, are sue'n the U.S. government to prevent E15 sales.

All the while hope'n to sell the vehicles, (autos, pickup trucks, and larger trucks), to farmers and rural residents dependent on good farm prices for their welfare".

Sandy sez, "who ever heard of a salesman or manufacturer try'n to destroy his customers income and then turn'n around and foolishly try'n to make a sale to that beat-up customer.

Or much worse yet, what kind of think'n or thinker is it for improvement to American economic recovery by beat'n up on rural America's businesses and its farmers income source.

Especially in light of the U.S. auto manufacturers receive'n so very much taxpayer economic aid for their own recovery and stabilization.

What kind of gratitude and warped logic is that?

"Besides isn't it kinda contradictory", sez Buster Jigs, "for the auto manufacturers who was saved by the American taxpayer, is now mostly owned by the government which is us, and now to be suing the American government the owner, which is us, to make us less efficient? And then, they hope to continue make'n sales to us and somehow continue on with our good will and receive'n our hard earned money for their product that accord'n to them won't run on E-15 very well in the U.S. supposedly, but somehow American autos will run on a stronger mix of ethanol in Brazil." "They are play'n us for the fool" Buster sez.

Sandy sez "he knows of one farmer who had the contract for purchase of a pickup all completed and decided before he signed the contract he would ask the dealer about the matter. An inadequate answer from the salesman forced him to cancel the intended deal and prohibited him from signing the contract, which in his mind would have rewarded such oppose'n antagonism"!

He then went out and bought a foreign pickup, the first one he ever looked at for purchase and the first one he ever owned. "Prior to that he was partial", Sandy sez, "to American made". Not anymore if'n American made is gonna attack his means of make'n a live'n by which he is able to purchase "American made" in the first place.

"Well" Buster Jigs tells Bill, Sandy, and the rest of the boys, "you've give'n us fellers some powerful lot of thoughts to ponder on. Maybe John Deere and the American auto manufacturers are apply'n "new math" to their abilities in desipher'n the situation. But then again, maybe farmers are use'n "old math" as the method of solve'n the problem".

"New math" sez the customer won't notice and "we'll play him for the fool". "Old math" sez "you endanger my income source and you'll get none of my income".

Anyway you cut it, church Christmas gather'ns was no place to be thoroughly discuss'n such matters so everyone agreed to pray on the problems and address them later on into the next decade and new year of 2011.

As for meself I'm a hope'n by the time you read this column you are rested up, with a clear mind, and prepared to approach the rest of the upcome'n new year with optimism, hope, and joy in your heart.

"Forgive'n all scallywags is appropriate scripturally. Be'n on guard against greedy opportunists, with their hands reach'n for your pocketbook, is beneficial in make'n an appropriate and fair live'n in the countryside and elsewhere as well"! So sez Cornelius Farkwad.

I'm a gonna have to strongly think on that for a spell before venture'n an opinion!

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya Later

Barnyard Bruke