The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor

A Foxy Problem In Town

Dear Editor:

The buildings on Main Street in La Harpe are becoming an eyesore and dangerous to the many people who walk up and down the sidewalks everyday.

It is really sad when you are walking down Main Street and you come upon a window full of junk and a big fox is laying in the window sill sunbathing. He just gets up and moseys on back thru the junk.

The back of the building has fallen in and children or other animals could get in there.

If there is a fox in there, I can only imagine what else is there as well.

If a child gets in there and gets hurt they might not be found for hours.

You also walk or drive down the street and see bricks just hanging and waiting to fall. Let's also address the buildings full of junk.

If we can't do anything about that, can't we at least make them cover the windows so we or passers thru don't have to look at it all.

As you progress down Main Street towards the post office, across the street, the tree has overgrown the sidewalk and you cannot even walk on it.

There are some businesses up town that try to maintain their buildings and keep them up.

I am very proud to call La Harpe home, I just wish we could get some of these issues addressed and fixed properly.

Ryan Kienast

La Harpe

Appreciates Church Page

Dear Editor and Sponsors of the Church News:

The Bethel Lutheran Church congregation would like to thank you and the sponsors of the church news page for publishing our worship times and schedules for church activities. We appreciate this service that you make available to our community.


Barbara Malcolm

Congregational Secretary

Bethel Lutheran Church

Winter Storm 2011

Hi Cowboy John here.

I want to tell you abut the blizzard of February 2011.

At five p.m. the first, it started snowing and blowing, was so bad I could not see fifteen feet to our shop.

When I was doing my chores the snow was like pellets. They made my face red by the time I got inside.

That night they closed thirty four and a couple of people got stuck at midnight and we had to pull them out in the morning with our front wheel assist tractor.

The tractor was really the only way you could get around.

We have cows at my grandmas and the road we normally go on was so bad we got the tractor stuck!!

So, we had to go on thirty four and it was one lane tunnels in some places. I think we got about twelve inches overall.

Thank you for reading.
Cowboy John (age 12)