The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Can You Define Love?

By Elaine Slater Reese

Throughout our lifetimes, we have each developed our own definition of the word LOVE. For some, LOVE is the small child holding his first puppy or kitty - the young man who loves sports - the girl who loves music. Some love fantastic food, pizza, ice cream, cheeseburgers and fries.

We all know those who LOVE money. Some are fortunate to LOVE their jobs. Parents LOVE their children and vice-versa. We realize that to LOVE someone actually means much more giving than receiving.

When we LOVE, we find joy and peace in giving of ourselves, our time, and all we have to others. We focus on the other one - not on ourselves.

We often say we LOVE our new car, our new clothes, that new song. What a misuse of the word LOVE!

LOVE is not some fantastic emotion experienced just when everything is going well. LOVE is a hand of support on one's shoulder, wiping a tear from someone's eye, sharing food with one whose cupboards are bare, anonymously paying another's back utility bill.

It is taking time to forget past hurts and unkind words. It is sitting in silence with someone in deep grief.

I recently saw a beautifully framed quote that said, "THE GREATEST LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE SENT FROM HEAVEN ABOVE".

How different each of our worlds would be if we simply accepted that LOVE and shared it with others.