The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

by Susan Galbraith, Quill Reporter

Meet Your Neighbor Christian Jorgensen, new youth minister at the Stronghurst Christian Church.

Before coming to Stronghurst, Christian was a youth minister for 1 1/2 years in Southern Illinois.

He was born and raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

In 2004 Christian graduated from Christian Life High School and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend Atlanta Christian College.

After a year in Atlanta he moved to Lincoln and graduated from Lincoln Christian College in 2009, with a degree in general ministries and a youth ministry focus.

His parents are Jim and Donna Jorgensen from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Jim is warehouse manager of Shalom Food Center in Kenosha and Donna is an elementary teacher at Riverview Elementary in Silver Lake, Wisconsin.

Two brothers, Ethan (19) is on a baseball scholarship at Southeastern College in Harrisburg, Erik (22) is employed at the food center at Great Lakes Naval Base in Chicago.

His home church is North Point Christian Church in Winthrop Harbor.

Christian has only been in Stronghurst a short time but when asked what he has enjoyed so far his reply was, "The people are awesome, supportive, took good care of me by helping me move in and supplied furniture and home supplies.

I have very supportive leadership".

When asked about the kids he said, "It is very rewarding to be able to be in a town where there is no youth program and I can be involved in the community and lives of the kids and spread the gospel.

"I inspire to make a positive influence on the youth in the community, not only as a youth minister at the Christian Church but to all youth in the community. I believe whether kids go to church or not I'm seen as a positive influence to them."

In his spare time he loves playing the guitar, rock concerts, especially the group "Skillet', writing his own music, watching movies and working out when he gets motivated!

His senior year at college he went on a mission trip to Los Angeles, California. "It was cool to be where there are both mountains and the ocean. It was a real eye opener seeing the different walks of life and being exposed to that. It was challenging to get out of my comfort zone and learn how to improve spiritually. It also was great bonding time with the other students I went with."