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Housewright Requests City To Reduced Rent

The La Harpe City Council heard a request of Gary Housewright of La Harpe to lower rent on ground where his buildings sit. His appeal is that they lower the rent from $2,000 to $500 as it was prior to 1997 when they had increased it from $500 annually to $2,000. Housewright recently purchased the Housewright Construction buildings at auction and was also wanting to know if the city was interested in purchasing the building or leasing space in the building for their offices.

The land where the buildings are, is part of the Johnson farm and real estate that was given to benefit the La Harpe School system and is overseen by the city council with City Attorney Dick Rasmussen as the Administrator. The funds collected for rent go to the school, not the city.

Mayor Brown recognized that the city likes to do what they can to help the business climate of La Harpe but felt it should go to committee for a more thorough look.

The Public Property Committee with Darrell Kraft, Todd Irish, and Brian Lovell was to meet and bring their recommendation to the next meeting.

Jerry Burford is keeping his auto and truck repair shop in the building called "Gasoline Alley" and has added "Burford Towing" as well. Housewright is hoping other businesses will rent space as well.

In other business, Treasurer Marcia Neff discussed an issue over Flexural Energy bills still coming through AmerenIP. Mayor suggested calling their contact person. Neff said she still couldn't tell if the company was saving them any money as yet on their street lights.

City bills were approved after they were looked over and Brown added a $3915 bill from McClure Engineering for work getting permits for waste water and chlorine etc. at the bio-diesel project of LaHarpe NRG, LLC keeping their costs for this still at zero, Brown said.

Attorney Rasmussen presented an amendment to the business district agreement which basically states they are not going to be charging a sales tax in the district. This amendment was passed and signed.

Brown quickly recapped that Dollar General had notified Keith Morand saying they did not want 1% sales tax coming out of Dollar General and put on the people doing business with them, and that they had understood expenses for developing the sight was all being paid by the contractor/developer.

In other business, Lucretia McPeak, secretary, reported she has sold two TV stickers for disposal and will be selling them again Feb. 25. from 3 to 5 p.m. at City Hall. came in later in the meeting.

City workers Dave Little and Wayne Humphrey attended training workshops.

Fred Gibb Memorial Car Show is Sat., Aug. 6.

La Harpe Summerfest has been set for August 10 to 13.

All council members were in attendance.