The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Burg Announced As New Director At Annual Bank Meeting

Approximately 90 stockholders and guests attended the 12:30 p.m. annual stockholder's meeting and luncheon buffet of The Bank of Stronghurst Tuesday, January 25, at Country Fun Restaurant near Biggsville.

Charles E. Vaughn, President and C.E.O., led the stockholders and guests in the Pledge of Allegiance and Board Chairman George Hennenfent recognized the newest member of the Board, Byron Burg of rural Stronghurst. He also recognized two retirees from the bank, Marlene Knutstrom for her dedicated years of service to the Bank of Stronghurst and Sidney Dowell for his many years of service as a Director.

The invocation was given by Director, Kenneth Nimrick. Robert Dillon and Mitchell Cortelyou were Judges, and Stacie Newberry served as Secretary.

Rodney Brake, Executive Vice President and Cashier, gave his financial report reporting that the Bank of Stronghurst had another profitable year. Brake went on to disclose the highlights of 2010, in closing, stated that "with our strong capital position, continued conservative banking philosophy and loyal customers and stockholders, the Bank of Stronghurst looks forward to another year of profitability and growth."

Jerry Keimig, Sr. Vice President and Farm Loan Officer, reported on the Bank's loan portfolio giving the highlights of 2010, which included a 9.85% increase in Total Loans.

He closed his report by stating that we have over 60 years of lending experience to serve the public and we will continue to work hard to serve our present customers and to attract new customers.

Each stockholder was given a copy of the minutes of last year's meeting. The Chairman asked for a motion to approve the minutes. A motion was made by Curt Eisenmayer and seconded by Bonnie Hensley to accept the 2010 stockholder minutes as presented. The motion was unanimously carried.

Judges for the meeting, Mitchell Cortelyou and Robert Dillon, reported 2,814 shares of stock represented in person and 2,246 shares represented by proxy, making a total of 5,060 shares represented. Chairman George Hennenfent then declared a quorum present for the transaction of business.

Chairman Hennenfent called for the Election of Directors for the coming year. A motion was made by David Vancil and seconded by Sidney Dowell, that the present Directors be nominated for the coming year and that a unanimous ballot be cast to elect the nominees.

The motion unanimously carried. The Directors for the coming year will be:George Hennenfent, Charles E. Neff, Kenneth Nimrick, W. William Waddill, Charles E. Vaughn, Rodney Blake, and Byron Burg. Stacie Newberry conducted a drawing for door prizes. Winners of the drawing were as follows:

Fresh Floral Centerpieces: James Covert and Pauline Oge

2010 US Mint Proof Coin Sets: Wendell Covert and Robert Dillon

Folding Stadium Chairs: Gary Armstrong and Rachel Gibb

Henderson County History Books: Carlyn Anders and Elma Hobby

Gallon Thermos Jugs: Tom Edmonds and Sidney Dowell

A motion was made by Gary Armstrong and seconded by Bonnie Hensley to adjourn at 2:40 p.m. and it was unanimously carried.

Following the Annual Stockholder's meeting, Tuesday, January 25, 2011, the newly elected Board of Directors of the Bank of Stronghurst met at the bank for the Organizational meeting.

At the organizational meeting, Jane Malcolm and Stacie Newberry were promoted from Assistant Vice President to Vice President.

Officers for 2011 were appointed as follows:

George Hennenfent, Chairman of the Board

Charles E. Vaughn, President and C.E.O.

Jerry Keimig, Senior Vice President and Farm Loan Officer

Rodney Brake, Executive Vice President & Cashier

Shawn McKoon, Vice President

Jane Malcolm Vice President

Stacie Newberry, Vice President

Josh DeSotel, Loan Officer

Kenneth Nimrick, Charles E. Neff, Byron Burg, Charles E. Vaughn

George Hennenfent, Rodney Brake, W. William Waddill,