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La Harpe Christian Church Enjoyed A Christmas Program -  "Dr. New Heart"

On Sunday, December 11, the La Harpe Christian Church held their annual Christmas program entitled "Dr. New Heart" played by Becky Wilhite. The story behind it was a group of children who had the Christmas Day Dumps. The gifts they had received didn't make them happy. The children went to see Dr. New Heart to fix the hole in their hearts because they didn't know God or have Him in their hearts.

Special characters were: The Interns, Frick and Frack played by Evan Sheckler and Nate McCarter. The DisOrderlies were Clay Huston, Cole Lee and Hayden Fox. The Pink Ladies were Bobbi James, Teresa Huston, and Brenda Melvin and of course all of the children sang their songs. At the end of the program the audience was involved with singing of Christmas songs. It was a great show and a wonderful kick off to the holiday season!