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Oquawka Village Hears Proposal From Chief Police

by Sally Day, The Quill

A proposal for offering Village Ordinances, instead of Illinois State originated traffic tickets was made by Police Chief Todd Miller at the Monday night, December 5 meeting of the Oquawka Village Board.

Miller noted the proposal would benefit both the village and the recipient of the ticket.

A person receiving a ticket would be required to pay a lesser fine ($100.00) and the ticket would not go on their driving record.

The monies generated by these tickets would go directly to the village.

Currently, the village only receives a small percentage of ticket money, with the majority of said money going to the state.

In addition, Miller requested monies generated from these tickets go in to a specific fund for the police department.

Village Attorney Mike Neff will go over this proposal with the State's Attorney and the Circuit Clerk before voting on it next month.

Community member Roberta Robbins was on hand to request the board open up a study for a sewer system. She asked this on behalf of economic development and said she was advocating for an increase in population, which would assist businesses and give young people a reason to stay in Oquawka. Board member Todd Shinberger noted the village had opened up a study for a sewer system and the main reason the study had been tabled was due to its enormous cost, a proposed $13 million. He continued on saying, "Why not? We are the largest town in Illinois without a sewer system."

Board member Nancy Bundy said she specifically remembered the person who was in charge of a recent sewer study; Susan Nash from the Western Illinois Regional Council. The board will contact Nash to ascertain more information about the survey.

In other business: