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Stronghurst Stop Signs Revisited

By: Shirley Linder, Editor

Trustee Tony Anderson, knowing it would be an unpopular topic at the August 1st Stronghurst Village Board meeting, brought up four stop signs that he felt needed revisited, after having heard comments from the public.

The stop signs in question included:

#1 Dixson and Broadway the stops for north and south bound traffic. Propose to remove those and revert back to just having stop signs for east and west bound traffic.

#2 North and Elizabeth the stop signs for east and west bound traffic. No proposal on this one because it does slow traffic down at least coming into town from the west.

#3 Main and Elizabeth stop signs for east and west bound traffic. Propose to remove those and revert back to just having stop signs for north and south bound traffic.

#4 Nichols and Elizabeth. This intersection was made into a 4-way stop briefly changing it from stop signs for north and south bound on Elizabeth traffic only. Then the signs were removed from the north and south bound sides and left in place for east and west bound traffic. Propose to revert the intersection back to stop signs for north and south bound traffic on Elizabeth and the removal of those for east and west bound traffic.

President Chockley said they would take them one at a time, discuss them and vote on each. Following a brief discussion of each sign President Chockley called for a vote, each received enough votes to leave the signs as they are.

At the July meeting apparently Anderson had requested a copy of a more detailed report of the police department's hours/days/time that officers had worked the previous month. The issue was brought up again after Anderson had discussed the situation with attorney Michael Neff. Following a lengthy discussion as to the fact not all details can be devolved because of investigations, etc. it was agreed that the hours could be put on a calendar along with the officer working.

For several months the board has discussed having a tree ordinance pertaining to trees on the outside of the sidewalk, such as who pays for the cutting down, should they be allowed to plant trees outside the walk, etc. Amanda Kane brought an ordinance for the board's review. After much discussion it was decided that Clerk Lou Ann Nortrup would send a copy to the codifier for review.

Police Chief Gary Smith reported:

*The department has received $562.85 in fines, impound, and fees during July

*The department has received its final 2 rifles. They will not be ordering a 4th rifle since Officer Blake Fox already has purchased his own. Once the range is completed Brendan Schaley and Chief Smith will be conducting a Basic Rifle Course for the other department officers and members of the Henderson County Sheriff's Department.

*The police car had been damaged when Officer Hoyt turned attempting to engage in a traffic stop and turned too sharp, scraping and denting the passenger side front fender and door on the concrete base for the sign at Riverland FS. Estimate is $2,010.79 for repairs.

*Received a thank you from Family Outreach Community Center for school supplies.

*Jeff Peterson donated a box of paper targets that he had at his house.

In other business:

*Chris Cook reminded everyone of the Henderson County Fair Fun Run coming up on September 5th.

*Jade Parker suggested the board consider putting a water spray park in the village park.

A lengthy discussion was held regarding how this would work and the board agreed to meet with the representative from the company Jade had been in contact with to obtain costs and discuss space needed

*Randy Jarvis reported to the board that he was in the process of removing the stumps and cleaning up the property across from his new house in Stronghurst.

He also stated he had bought the Billy Williams property and has the weeds down but he would not begin working on it until next spring. He would do the outside first to make it look better.

*After a discussion regarding Richard Clifton asking the village to pay for septic tank pumping at the nursing home and assisted living yearly, instead of every other year, it was decided Clifton needed to come before the board and discuss it with the board members.

The next board meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 6th, due to Monday being Labor Day holiday.


President, Eric Chockley, Trustees: Deb Hale, Mike Bohnenkamp, Amanda Kane, David Vancil, Tony Anderson, (trustee Brendan Schaley absent), Clerk Lou Ann Nortrup,

Employees: Ronnie Gittings, Mike Nelson, Chief Gary Smith,

Guests, Randy Jarvis, Doug Hale, Chris Cook, Diana Taylor, Jade Parker, Barry Dowell, Shirley Linder