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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "MADE IN AMERICA!"

Greetings to everyone in Western Illinois.

I'm a hope'n this past week treated ya'll justly.

The market is start'n to take note of the fact that yields will probably be off from what they were predict'n back in June when all's they had for measurement was corn stover (silage usage) and historic trend yields.

Corn stovers don't have much of a market these days but, those faulty predictions accomplished their purpose at that time, which was to beat prices down and spook a few gitterish folk into sell'n crops cheaper than they could when the short crop comes in.

Don't be foolish and fall for those slick tricks of USDA and market manipulators. Ladder your sales in on calculated profitability and assure yourself long term stability.

Cornelius sez, "There are those who would play on your short term memory and speak with a "forked" tongue."

A good example is Governor Perry from Texas. He has been in "Big Oils" pocket forever and against farmer profitability.

Now he thinks he'd like to make a run for President of these United States.

He plays on his conservative religious lean'ns and some relative that was a farmer when he was a child.

He talks thata way now because he thinks it will sell well in the Iowa caucus's and the Midwest. Study his speeches elsewheres at earlier times and see for yourselves.

He is a chameleon-changes color to match the environment for his own personal protection. Don't fall for that shysters ill conceived tricks.

If'n he becomes President, our rural economies could be in for some hard economic times.

That is of course if'n it were possible beyond what we've got now.

Human folk are interest'n creatures. Sandy Bob told us boys of his recent stay with a cousin, John Smith, who lives in Ohio.

John started the day early, accord'n to Sandy, by set'n his alarm clock (made in Japan) for 6 a.m.

Whilst his coffee pot (made in China) was perk'n, he shaved with his electric razor (made in Hong Kong).

He put on a dress shirt (made in Sir Lanka) along with designer jeans (made in Singapore) and tennis shoes (made in Korea).

After cook'n breakfast in a new electric skillet (made in India) John sat down with his calculator (made in Mexico) to see how much he could spend for the day.

After set'n his watch (made in Taiwan) to the radio (made in India) he got in his car (made in Germany) and went to a gas station (run by Indians) and filled it with gasohol (from Saudi Arabia oil and Brazilian sugar cane ethanol).

A quick trip to Wal-Mart, (sell'n mostly not American made products and replace'n small rural town stores with capitol flow'n out of the rural communities), allowed John to continue his search for a good pay'n "AMERICAN JOB".

At the end of yet another discourag'n and fruitless day, check'n his computer (made in Malaysia), John decided to relax for awhile.

He put on his sandals (made in Brazil), poured himself a glass of wine (made in France) and turned on his television (made in Indonesia). He wondered out loud why he can't find a good pay'n job in AMERICA.

Sandy said, he decided to ask for help from his President, "The BLAMER" made by a man from Kenya.

A President, in Sandy's words, for whom the only check he has ever signed was on the back to receive funds deposited from the sweat of another's brow.

By this time Sandy Bob decided it was time to leave Ohio for his home back here in western Illinois.

He shared his story with us boy's the same day we sold some corn and soybeans to China, thru elevators owned by the Japanese and French.

We all felt a little guilty but then Buster Jigs proclaimed we was just do'n our part, as American Farmers, to bring some of that "loot" back into our communities.

Jasper Jenx sez, they call it "Balance of Trade". Balance or not, it does seem like our rural communities are slowly deteriorat'n with new store fronts a close'n down and shutter'n their windows ever season accord'n to Bill Jones.

Utah Carol sez, maybe, just maybe, we needs to examine our spend'n habits a bit for our own welfare. In the meantime me and the boys is gonna reflect on them thoughts a spell.

It's been nice a share'n with you'ns again this week. Let's hope we gets us some rain this come'n week to help the crops out and temper ever ones mood. Don't forget to water them fruit trees fer they needs a little help, to finish out and fill the fruit fer can'n, cider make'n and many scrumptious meals this fall and winter.

Keep on Smile'n
Catch ya Later
Barnyard Bruke