The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

La Harpe City Council

by Christy Kienast, The Quill

The La Harpe City Council came to order at seven o'clock on Monday, April 25, 2011.

All councilman were present except Mike Bennett. City Treasurer, Marcia Neff was absent as well. The minutes were accepted from the last meeting as well as the bills.

In new business, It was reported that the gate and the post needs to be replaced at the city sewer plant, most likely from rot and wind. It is going to cost around $150.00. The old gate is 12 feet wide, they are going to replace it with a new more accessible 14 ft. gate due to the tightness when bringing mowers, and other equipment through it. Also, at the sewer plant, several shingles on the garage are missing. The 23-year old shingles need to be replaced on both the sewer plant and the garage.

It was decided to get an estimate for both shingles and for a metal roof.

It was also reported that the lagoons are pretty heavy with algae and it does affect the treatment of the water, and it was decided to get an estimate on getting this treated.

Notices on City-Wide Clean-up with Jackson Disposal have been posted around town. The three-way stop signs on the corners of 4th and 2nd Avenue, South A Street and 3rd Avenue and South B Street and 1st Avenue will be taken down after new signs have been ordered and put up that say: "Thru Traffic Does Not Stop"

The Union Church has asked if the city would help with the clean up of cutting down three trees on the north side of the church by the parking lots. If the church has them cut down, the city will provide the clean-up to get the trees to the city burn pile.

After the last council meeting it was posted that there was to be no riding bicycles on the city sidewalks.

This is also to be said that there should be no parking on the city sidewalks as well.

It was brought to the council's attention that skate boarders are using the sidewalks on main street, and it could be hazardous to pedestrians, and the skate boarders, should they fall in the street.

While the La Harpe city ordinance says nothing about riding skateboards on the sidewalks, there is to be NO Riding Skateboards on the city sidewalks between the west line of Second Street and the east line of A street On either the north or south side.

In other news, the city council noted

May 8th -14th, is National Nursing Home Week. May 9th is the Mayor's Proclamation.

The city has been approved for an application for a Preliminary Engineering Report for the Sewer System.

Regular meeting adjourned at 7:43 p.m..

The next scheduled regular council meeting will be May 9, at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.

Aldermen present: Todd Irish, Brian Lovell, Marcia Stiller, Vicki Burford, Darrell Kraft, City Clerk-Lucretia McPeak, and Mayor-Kenneth Brown. Alderman- Michael Bennett and Treasurer-Marcia Neff were absent.

Also at the meeting were: Tim Graves, Dan Gillett, Doug Endres and Christy Kienast.