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What To Do With The News?

By Elaine Slater Reese

[Elaine Slater Reese is a freelance writer in Spring Green, Wisconsin who grew up in Hancock County near Bowen]

What we do with the news every day has much to do with our ages, backgrounds, and interests. That means some of us will seldom read or listen to current events.

Some will at times pay attention to particular subjects. There are those who read a newspaper each day and rarely miss Fox or CNN editions of the world's happenings.

These folks usually analyze part of the news - try to decided how if will affect their world and the whole world in general.

The guidelines for journalism haven't changed much over many years. The basics still apply. Tell as simply and clearly as possible the WHAT- WHERE-WHEN- WHY and HOW.

The one thing that has changed regards the slant or angle of the presentation.

More and more facts are presented from the view (political, religious, etc.) of the presenter.

We will see and hear the word Easter often in the next days. There will be ads for Easter eggs, candy, cards, flowers, bunnies, baskets and meals.

The media knows so well how to draw our attention to what we "need" to buy. The season is changing.

After the long winter, grass is now turning green, trees are budding, spring flowers are blooming.




But how often do we read or see news reports of the greatest news story of all times?

In this crazy, amoral world we now live in, the majority have little interest in the future - other than how it will directly affect them.

How ironic that this story of God sacrificing His only Son on an old wooden cross to pay our debt for our sin is what we don't want to hear - yet it is the greatest choice we have as to how our own lives will be affected - for eternity.

The story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ has never changed.

That means we each still have our own choice of what to do with it.

We can put it out in next week's garbage with the other old news. Or we can study it and analyze how we want it to affect our lives - FOREVER.