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Sheriff Ready To Declare State of Emergency

Henderson County Sheriff Steven P. Haynes releases that Henderson County will be declaring a State of Emergency when the National Weather Service observes the river level of 19 feet at Burlington, Iowa.

Starting on Wednesday, April 20, Henderson County Deputies and a representative of the Henderson County Chaplain's Association will be going door to door in the flood plains collecting names, contact information, number of adults and children living in each household. This information is for the safety of our citizens and will remain confidential, stated Sheriff Haynes.

Sheriff Haynes advises the importance of maintaining a close watch on the river levels, especially those living in the flood plains, "it is important to have a plan, and to be prepared to move in a moments notice," Sheriff Haynes said.

Deputies will be in uniform and the Chaplains will have identification on them. If you have any questions or concerns please call the Sheriff's Office at 1-888-867-1101, stated Sheriff Haynes.

Emergency Management Coordinator Coral Seitz may be contacted with any questions at 309-867-2780 - work and 309-221-8670 mobile.