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The Home North of La Harpe Is Now Part of History

by Christy Kienast, Quill Reporter

The recently demolished house on Highway 94 north of La Harpe had been a staple for many years having stood there for 100 years or more.

Dr. R. A. Myers owned the home for many years. Dr. Myers and his wife Blanche built the brick home across the road where Greg and Diane Blythe now live.

The Myers' lived in the brick home until their death. The big house and farm across the way were bought by Roy Myers in 1930 and it is still in the Myers Estate.

Harriet and John Crum lived in the home from 1951 to 1981, John farmed the place and Harriet planted many beautiful flowers and took care of the house.

When Mr. John Crum retired, the couple moved to La Harpe and their son Roger Crum took over the farming and still does the farming today.

Mr. John Crum's uncle was Dr. R. A. Myers and Roger had an office in the basement of the house for a while. The house was rented out for many years, but after years of renters the house was in need of lots of repairs. So, they decided it was time for it to come down.

It was a hard decision for the family as they had many memories there.

Kent McClure was hired to take the home down and it was said to be a very nice home with a very good foundation, and some of said, "they don't make them like that today."