The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Grandchildren - A Joy To Be With

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

November 10, 2010

As I was taking time to visit my grandchildren this weekend in Des Moines, it was surprising to see how much my 9 year old granddaughter, who is in 4th grade, would write in her journal.

Emalee really never sits still a minute, so full of fun, and life, and curiosity.

Her older brother, Caleb, 13, who enjoys the sports network, the sports page, reading, golf and a more subtle way of moving around the house, is sometimes a bit irritated about his younger sister's whirlwind life.

I tell him she is one of God's precious jewels made in a special way for a special purpose and it is good not to criticize the handiwork of God. Be patient and she will amaze you someday.

Well, Emalee did amaze me. She does not know it, but I am reading her journal and I found her young nine year old curosity and observation come through in one of her "quick note" journaling.

She wrote:

"Did you know that the Bald Eagle is like the military? Well, I didn't.

"They both risk lives. They also fight in wars, Eagles fight for territory.

"Military fight for rights.

"Both can travel long ways.

"Did you know that feathers are like little pieces of hair?

"So, that's how Bald Eagles are like the military."

I can't say how surprised I was to read the next page about "BROTHERS".

"I have very very very annoying brothers, but, deep deep deep deep deep down I love all three of them.

"Their names and ages are Nathan 7, Josh 11, and Caleb 13.

"They are almost nice. Ok, maybe not at all. But they are fun to play with sometimes. Nathan is easy to fight.

"I could take down a 3rd grade boy easily. I fight with my brothers almost every day. My favorite thing about my brothers is they play with me and teach me moves. (but they don't know that).

And she wrote a special one about her middle brother Josh, who is closest to her in age, two years older.

Josh: funny, cool, annoying, hitting, kicking, the orneriest brother of all.

And she ended with a story about herself:

"Me: good, awesome, helping, sleeping, crying. I love me, of course. Princess!"

"Me: I am great at things. What a great daughter. Funny, cool, me."

If you have a chance to talk to a 9 year old, have them write some of their thoughts in a journal. They will amaze you as Emalee has me.

Of course, I am a grandma and that gives me bragging rights.