The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Busy Harvest

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

October 13. 2010

Saturday was a wonderful day for politicians and residents to be out and talk about their beliefs and concerns.

The weather was warm and beautiful and people seemed concerned this year, more so than any recent elections in Illinois. The state of Illinois is not pretty. There is only 20 days left until Election Day and everyone is really working hard to meet people and answer their questions. I have to say how bad I felt for Jodi Scott, Regional Superintendent of Schools who is so very dedicated in her job of education. Jodi had to miss her daughter's 6th grade track meet where she was hoping to qualify for state, to be on the caravan through Henderson County Saturday. I saw her tears.

We need to thank Jodi and those who give so much to serve in various ways in our communities, and question ourselves, if we don't ask too much of them sometimes.

I also enjoyed stopping by the La Harpe Elevator on Columbus Day, and witnessing real harvest action. Sharon Hocker, Grain Accountant, said 2010 should be the shortest harvest in her 21 years there compared to last year-the longest. Some didn't get their crops in until April of this year. Let's hope that the market this year will make up for the lower yields.