The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

You Find What You Seek

by Dessa Rodeffer. Quill Publisher/Owner

January 6, 2010

Make 2010 A Better Year

It seems to me that I spend a lot of time looking for things. It's either my glasses, my keys, my purse, or where I set my cup of coffee. My mind really isn't focused on those things when I set them down, but on something I feel is more important.

Monday, it was my luggage. I flew on a wonderful flight on Frontier Airlines from Denver International Airport to Kansas City. I went back through ticketing and security to get a second flight on a Great Lakes flight to Burlington, IA. A 2-1/2 hour layover turned into 3-1/2 hour due to a delayed flight. You think it would be plenty of time to switch luggage from one plane to another, but somehow, my luggage didn't arrive in Burlington when I did. After several phone calls back and forth, the problem was solved.

Tuesday afternoon, Frontier airlines called from K.C. airport to tell me my luggage was left at baggage claim and they would like to send it to me or put it on the next flight to Burlington, Iowa if I wanted to pick it up. I actually felt pretty good about their courtesy and the fact that I eventually lived up to the Bible verse. "Seek, And You Will Find."

It made me think deeper about that phrase and several other writings I have read over the years that could make 2010 a better year than ever before. It involves putting a twist on the phrase and stating: "You Find What You Seek!"

Maybe you heard the story about the gatekeeper to a city and a man entering the city asked the gatekeeper, "What kind of people live here?" The gatekeeper in return asked the man what kind of men lived in the city he came from and the man replied, "They were generous loving people, always doing good for others, the best anyone could hope for," to which the gatekeeper replied: "That's the kind of people you will find in this city."

Then a second man came to the gate and asked the same question: "What kind of people live here?" to which the gatekeeper asked the man the same question: "What kind of people lived in the city from where you came?"

"Oh! they were mean and awful people, always causing trouble," to which the gatekeeper replied, "That's the kind of people you will find here."

In other words, "You Find What You Seek!"

We can not control a lot of things in our lives, but if the phrase is true that we find what we look for, I believe 2010 will be a whole lot better if we look for the good in others and in situations, and not the bad. First of all, it should rid a lot of people of frowns and bitterness, and a lot of worries and make more people happy, instead of grumpy.

It is optimistic people who always win the race, because they refuse to give up. It's an attitude of faith and focusing on the positive-look for the good. Positive thoughts help us make positive choices. It seems a lot of positive thinking was going on by the mom in the movie "Blindside" and a lot of positive thinking in the movie Julie & Julia that eventually brought happiness and success to both.

In fact, looking for the good, even in the worst situation, no matter who it is, no matter how bad the circumstance, might be all it takes to turn our world around in 2010. It's worth a try.