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Oquawka Has Fire Power

by Fire Chief Hal Jern

Below is the fleet appearance of the Oquawka Volunteer Fire Rescue. *1923-Engine 53, 1923 Model T Fire Engine.

*False Alarm and Parade Unit "Attack 54 2004-FWD Brush 1st Response Vehicle

*2008 Engine 52, 1250 front mount pumper

*1991-Tanker Tender-51 1800-gallon water tanker truck * 2000-Rescue Engine 50, 1250 multi purpose Fire-Rescue-Tanker-Rolling Fire Department on wheels with five man cab and cascade bottle refill station.

Pictured building left of flag pole Vintage 1967 Parkersburg two bay Fire Department. To the right three bay 1985 Butler Building also houses Oquawka's HN-16 ambulance crew.

Fire Safety

National Fire Prevention Week is Sunday, October 3rd to Saturday, October 9th this year and the theme for 2010 is "Smoke Alarms: A Sound You can Leave With."

During Fire Prevention Week the Oquawka Volunteer Fire Rescue will be at West Central Elementary School, Tuesday, October 5, at 10:00 a.m.

Here is the "Fire Safety Checklist for Parents and Guardians".

Fire can be very dangerous, so its important to do all you can to prevent them and to know what to do in case they occur. Use the Fire Safety Checklist below to help you keep your home free of fire hazards. If there is any thing you cannot check off yet, correct it so that you keep your family as safe as possible from fires.

Call Chief Hal Jern for a demonstration. The service is free to all who ask.

Some Facts About Fire

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