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Miller Receives Endorsement

Candidate for Henderson County Sheriff Todd Miller (R) of Oquawka received the endorsement from Trooper Lodge 41, Fraternal Order of Police this week which represents around 3,000 sworn and retired troopers, the second largest out of 270 lodges state-wide.

The endorsement states "The Lodge is the voice of those who dedicated their lives to protecting and serving the many citizens of Illinois. Trooper's Lodge 41 is dedicated in improving the working conditions of the men and women of the of Illinois State Police through legislation and employee representation.

"Due to the overwhelming support of Local Law Enforcement, as well as the majority of our contractual memership living with-in Henderson County, Troopers Lodge #41, Fraternal Order of Police is proud to annouce its endorsement of Todd Miller for Sheriff of Henderson County."

The endorsement states that "Miller is committed to improving inter-department relations" within the county "thereby concentrating law enforcement assets and improving our effectiveness and service to our communities."

It said: "Todd's leadership ability is clearly recognized through the overwhelming support he has earned from experienced and proven law enforcement professionals within Henderson County."

It highlighted Todd's experience, education, community involvement within the county and his "proven dedication make him the clear choice for Sheriff".

The #41 Lodge wishes Miller "best of luck in his endeavor to become Henderson County Sheriff and the local membership looks forward in working with him in the future."

Miller is the only candidate who is a member of a police related union facing opponents Steven P. Haynes (D) of Stronghurst and Steve Henshaw (I) Oquawka on Nov. 4th, both Sheriff's deputies.