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Henderson County Sheriff Candidates Asked to Debate

Todd Miller of Oquawka, Republican Candidate for Henderson County Sheriff, has challenged his two opponents to a debate via a letter.

"In the interest of providing the voters of Henderson County an opportunity to observe the candidates for Henderson County Sheriff interact in an open forum, I would like to invite you to participate in a debate," he states in his letter.

Miller, a recently retired Illinois State police office, wishes to host the debate with County Deputy Steve Haynes of Stronghurst running on the Democratic ticket, and Independent Candidate and County Deputy Steven Henshaw of Oquawka.

Miller said an open forum will give Henderson County citizens the opportunity to observe the interaction of each candidate.

Miller suggests that the debates take place in both ends of the county so more residents have the opportunity to attend naming Oquawka and Stronghurst as sites.

Miller has given candidates a September 17 deadline to respond to his request in order to allow time to organize the event and set a date and place, he said..

He has received no response from either candidate as yet, but time is ticking as the deadline is this Friday.