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Biggsville Board Hears of Damages at Park and at Water Plant

The Biggsville Village Board learned at their July 7th regular board meeting, they are needing to reach in the village bank account to make repairs at both the Water Plant and the Reid Park after damage were reported.

Brian Sterett, Village President opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. and after the regular business of minutes and bills was taken care of, the reports were heard from committee chairs.

Parks and Recreation

Richard Johnson reported that there is a switch in the men's restroom at Reed Park needs to be replaced, the refrigerator in the concession stand has died and needs to be removed, and even though there has been a lot of rain the ball field is in decent condition, there is a problem around the third base area and sand will not take care of the problem. It will need to be redone with clay.

Also, Johnson reported the tether ball at Reid Park has been removed for the second time and the park's committee recommends not replacing it again until it is attached with a chain.

Johnson went to say the backboards have been broken at Reid Park again and it will cost $450 to $500 to replace them with a light weight steel.

Another problem is that there isn't enough pressure from the street for the bathrooms at Reid Park to flush properly.

According to Clerk Cindy Rhinehart's report, a request was made for Brian Sterett and Jeff Lant to attend the next Park Committee Meeting.

A request was made for 4 tons of Lime Crete at Reid Park for under the swings and around the basketball court.

There are questions about repairing or replacing play ground equipment at Lindo Park in the future.

A request was made to have access to the paper products for the bathrooms at both parks.

The Parks Committee is responsible for the parade during Heritage Trail Days and the committee has appointed Jane Alexander and the volunteer from West Central high school to be in charge of the parade this year. The Parks Committee wanted to know what was paid out in the past for entries in the parade.


There had been a power serge at the water plant and the chlorine pumps had to be replaced. The cost was around $1,000.

Sewer & Lagoon

Bob Onion stated that the ground around the Lagoon needs to have Roundup used.

Public Relations

Results of town clean up was reported by Brain Sterett that one container was filled full of metals and the village was waiting on a check for the scrapes.


Randy Anderson reported that there have been four building permits handed out and there are two requests that have a couple of questions before approval.

Randy Anderson asked about a variance for William Christie to replace a mobile home with a ranch style home and the building may be close to the village property.

The cost is $100 for a variance fee for the application and then the board wasn't sure if there were any other fees or charges to go along with a decision.

Randy Anderson asked about replacing a building if the building was too close to the property line.

The board stated a new building could be built on the old foundation but it could not be a different size than before, if there is a change in size the building would need to be removed.

Old Business

Recycling will be picked up by Tom Edmonds again and the village is looking for a volunteer to organize the recycling bin.

New Business

Frank Jones asked about putting a concrete or asphalt driveway on his property in front of his garage. He will be removing the extra gravel that is on his property now and will donate it to the village for Lindo Park.

The village was FEMA approved for the National Flood Insurance Program.

Renee Sprock made the board aware that there are stray dogs roaming the village.

A motion was approved to use the same auditors from last year.

Bob Onion made a motion for the meeting be adjourned at 8:45 p.m. and seconded by Jenny Hopkins. Roll was taken and motion was accepted by all to adjourn the July meeting.

Cindy Rhinehart, Village Clerk

Answering roll call was Brian Sterett, Village President and the following:

Trustees - Bob Onion, Jennifer Hopkins, Renee Sprock and Gloria Minard;

Clerk - Cindy Rhinehart and

Visitors - Randy Anderson, Richard Johnson and Frank Jones.

Absent was Trustee - Brian Cochran and Treasurer - Heather Lant.

Minutes from the June 2010 meeting were approved as presented. There was no treasurer's report, and bills were approved as read for:

Jeff Lant, M&M Customs, Heather Lant, Cindy Rhinehart, Brian Sterett, Nancy Sterett, Farm King, AmerenIP, Coles Implement Corp, Floyd's E-Z Container Service, Gibb's Convenience Store, WIRC, Menards, Alexander Lumber Co, Richard Johnson, IL Dept of Revenue, Susie Goff, Test, US Postal Service, Crop Production