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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "God Has Not Overlooked You, If-n You Know Aught Of Sorrow or Suffering!"

Greetings to everyone in western Illinois.

I'm a hope'n everybody is adjustin' to school schedules, buses on the roads, and the signs of fall in the air.

Doesn't it seem as though the corn fields changed color quickly this past week.

Some bean fields are start'in to turn color a bit, and the swallows are gatherin' in great numbers on the "high line" wires. Many have migrated on southward already.

Combines and other fall harvest'n and tillage equipment can be readily seen in farmers' shops and barn lots, all be'n prepared for busy times ahead.

The farm progress show is in full swing with many folk go'n there for a look see at the latest innovations. There will be harvest'n and tillage demonstrations go'n on there for all to see the merits of their wares.

Mt. Pleasant and Argyle will be have'n their steam show, flea markets, and old equipment displays for all to enjoy and reminisce thru Labor Day.

All of these things has got to take place before many folks feel for sure summer season is over and fall season is really in full swing and upon us. These are good times of the year and we are blessed in many ways. Be steadfast in allow'n time to enjoy your surround'ns.

Again, a word of caution needs to be brought to attention whilst you'ns are finish'n' load'n out last year's corn crop from the bins.

Last Friday another feller lost his life by crawl'n into a bin up near Geneseo, even though he was on the floor level, with a wall of corn caked on one side which he broke loose.

Down it came, just as planned. However, what was not reckoned on was the misjudged volume which promptly suffocated this 49 year old man.

It's a cry'n shame. What ever he had planned for the rest of the day and with his family and friends will go undone.

Lamentations will go on at the viewing and funeral, and he passes on into eternity sooner than was necessary. Life will now have to go on without him.

Be cautious and wear good facemasks. Gasp'n for air with farmers lung disease is no fun either. Think of your loved ones and be extra careful!

Everyone needs our prayers dur'n times such as these. Harvest season and grain handle'n can be very dangerous!

This past week, I hear reports of corn harvest yield'n in western Illinois from a low of 120 bushels per acre to a high of 180 bushels per acre on moisture levels between 15.8% and 25% on 104 to 106 day maturity corn. Test weight is 53 to 54 pounds.

Talk is that the early harvested corn has shallow kernels and, thus far at least, yields are off from what full potential would have been without the heavy spring and summer rains this grow'n season. Blights and other diseases has taken their toll.

Many are a finish'n up on chop'n silage and with the corn stalks dry'n up so quickly, it was just in the nick of time.

And of course, this time of year you always hear of someone's cow herd get'n' impatient to get turned loose onto new crop harvested corn stalks.

So, there they go, work'n thru the fence and stomp'n down generally the best stands of corn. It adds mean'n to the grass (corn) look'n "greener on the other side of the fence.

It's not near as bad if'n it's our own cornfield. It can strain good neighborly relations if'n it's our neighbor's field, especially if'n he has no livestock himself. It kinda puts a tingle in your gut and shudder down your spine when you first hear "cows are out" and they're in the neighbor's corn, especially if'n it's announced in the middle of the night. Worse yet, if'n you hear... "Cows on the road!"

It is shore enough a different kind of sport trompin' thru a corn field chasen after cows on a blister'n hot day. What a way to have "fun" or maybe one should say "diversion" from the potential of a dull day.

Insurance helps neighborly relations some, but it's never quite enough. The whole event strengthens the mean'n of the old say'n, "Good fences make good neighbors!"

A sad tale comes to light on the boys' "friend" Fess McGee. It appears after she got thru dress'n down the boys in front of the grocery store, with a mean mouth a while back, she tied into Patty Murphy on the way home in the van. It seems her sharp tongue slit her own throat.

Patty had enough of Fess's hard fight'n and lit out for parts unknown as soon as they got home.

Fess then tied into the neighbors in the public house'n where she was make'n accommodations.

The neighbors complained to management folk in charge, and they had enough of her going ons especially against other renters. This had happened apparently several times before.

They gave her till 4 o'clock to be moved out on such and such a day or they would move her belong'ns to the street.

She called one of the boys in a much milder tone of voice ask'n for help. They took up a collection for her to store her furniture etc. in one of those rental places, and she's now a live'n out of her van. She sez it's mighty inconvenient not have'n' her own bathroom facilities, shower, etc.

It's also dog gone uncomfortable in that van with no air conditioner in this hot weather. Middle of the night potty trips are plum inconvenient.

They took her children away from her when they was caught all livein' outa' that van in that manner. One can't help but feel compassion for her ill circumstances.

The boys are try'n to figure out a way to help her out as they had forgiven her quickly on the public dress'n down she gave them earlier whilst she was under the influence of liquor, stress and anger. Hopefully, someone will offer up a farm house for her to rent.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The boys are will'n to pay some of her rent so she can get her children back.

I believe it was Elbert Hubbard who said, "If you have not known poverty, heart-hunger and misunderstanding, God has over-looked you."

There is great truth in this. From the depths of poverty come rich thought, from a hungry heart comes food for many, and from one misunderstood, the world is often turned about with new ideas and ideals to bless mankind.

Experience, bitter experience, alone can command. From the prison comes a "Pilgrims Progress", from the jail a "De Profundus," from the log cabin an emancipator and from the cross a Savior.

So you, God has not overlooked you, if'n you know aught of sorrow or suffering.

There's a passal of folk in need around our part of the state, in addition to Fess McGee.

"But for the Grace of God it is thee rather than me," the old say'n goes. We are given abundance as stewards to share and help less fortunate no matter that our ideals may not be allotted on the same level.

"Sugar water" holds a lot more mean'n when given out than "vinegar."

Give it some thought and dwell for a spell on what you would want were the circumstances turned around.

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya Later

Barnyard Bruke