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Harden Retires As Regional School Trustee

Henderson, Mercer, Warren Regional Board of School Trustees member Duane Harden retires after 40 years of Service.

The Henderson County-county schools trustees organized July 10th, 1952. Members included Paul Schmeiser, Robert Meloan, Hugh Yaley, Harold Sandy, Cliff Ingram, Archie Heap, and James Van Arsdale.

Duane Harden joined the Henderson County School Trustees in 1970 with the board consisting of Perry Beal, Lawrence Danielson, John Dannenberg, Gerald VanTine, Hugh Yaley and Archie Heap, with County Superintendent Carl Shelton.

Carl Shelton petitioned for a 2-county merger with Warren County.

Duane continued to serve under Stanley Walker on the Henderson-Warren County School Trustees and continued to serve through another consolidation with Mercer County and continued under Henderson, Mercer and Warren Counties with Regional Superintendent Donald Gibb.

Duane became the Henderson, Mercer, Warren Counties chairman in the early 80's. Duane continued to serve as chairman under Superintendent Clyde Farwell through the 80's and continued as chairman under Rodger Birkhead in the 90's after which Charles Pierce took over the chairman position.

Duane continued to serve as a member of the Henderson, Mercer and Warren Counties Regional Board of School Trustees with Superintendent Bruce Hall, Superintendent Bill Braden and Superintendent Jodi Scott.

Duane resigned from the board October 4, 2010. Fellow board members include John Millar, Fred Rooth, G. Charles Peirce, Richard Winbigler, Billy Staker, and George Lafferty.

Regional Superintendent and fellow trustees extended their gratitude to Duane for his 40 years of diligent service to aid schools.