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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "sometimes we need to reflect on ourselves!" No one deserves "the bird" - It's not nice.

Greetings to everyone in western Illinois.

I'm a hope'n everyone is adjust'n accordingly to the cooler weather we've been have'n. Some had hoped for a bit more rain, but we'll just have to be satisfied with what we received for now.

We just came thru our 91st Veterans Day-the 11th day of the 11th month, 2010.

This observance was started in recognition of the end of hostilities in World War I, at the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.

Over 700,000 service folk have lost their lives serving the U.S. since 1865.

As a result "America is the greatest, freest, most decent society in the world, an oasis of good amidst a world of despair" ( David Reid Clark in a speech to West Central Middle school students).

It is well that we as a nation pause for a special day to thank those who have worn the uniform of the United States Armed Forces. Those include airmen, sailors, soldiers, marines and coast guardsmen.

My heart swelled with pride to see pictures of our local western Illinois veterans in the Burlington paper. They included Bill Brokaw, Gilbert Linder, Daniel Kane, Steve Davis and Delbert Rankin.

Also the boys and I are mighty proud of the Stronghurst American Legion Post #765 honor guard with pictures in the last issue of the Quill. Those include James Blender, Delbert Rankin, Ronald Schaley, Gary Hicks, Dale Anderson, John Brokaw, Ralph Tatge, Gene Heap, Lloyd Hubler, Roger Schaley, Dewain Sly, Dan Kane and Art Kane. We love ya fellers and thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Any omission of names is inadvertent and sincere apologies extended up front.

A while back I received a tart note from someone signing off as, "Everyday Joe" justifying why farmers are given the "Bird" in response to an October 13 Barnyard column. In that column the request was made to cut farmers, on the road with their machinery, some slack and refrain from make'n obscene gestures, thereby add'n unnecessary additional tension to everyones day.

Well, "Everyday Joe" expressed disdain for "things we do and seem so proud of". He/she must have been read'n the internet from some of those California bloggers or possibly New York City. Her/his complaints bore no resemblance to fact or reality and were obviously meant to agitate and belittle farmers.

In all fairness I shared the letter with the boys and sent them out in four directions to investigate the slanderous allegations against farmers. After three weeks of studious investigations they came back with volumes to report.

With the exception of the actions of that young whipper snapper, "Mr. Short Britches", with his hat on backwards, all accusations were found to be grossly exaggerated with allegations blown out of proportion.

Apparently the author, "Everyday Joe" had gotten up on the wrong side of their bed the day of writing the letter, had an axe to grind at the world in general, and chose to beat up on farmers, and somehow had their underwear pinched to tight to think rationally.

Additional, the boys reminded me of the feller on a bicycle a while back who gave a driver in a vehicle the bird.

(Everyday Joe's nomenclature, not mine.)

The vehicle driver did not appreciate the invite. The vehicle driver stopped, promptly, went back and beat the stuff'ns out of the "Bird giver".

He then calmly walked back to his vehicle and drove off never to be seen or heard from again. For the privilege of "bird give'n" the middle aged bicyclist spent a great deal of time in the hospital with major medical bills.

Apparently some folk don't take kindly to those obscene rude and thoughtless gestures. Maybe they are on drugs or just had a bad day, or just like a good fight-who knows. The questions is why risk it?

The sum of it is you are not be'n a gentlemen/lady like when you display road rage with "The Bird".

That is reason enough to act more civilized. Additionally, however, most folk have a cell phone and know enough to call 911 to report your license numbers to the authorities.

After awhile your road rage history has developed a pattern with a history and the authorities remember that record at appropriate times.

Mr./Mrs. "Everyday Joe" you are so proud you are not a farmer and your anger for farmers overflows. So, I'll report to you what the boys included in their three week investigation report into your behavior and accusations.

You dump your unwanted dogs and cats into farm country to pathetically starve a slow, miserable, lonely death.

Your animal control officers catch urban coons, possums, skunks, in live traps and release them for farmers to contend with your feral cats, that do figure out how to survive, destroy our wildlife game.

You unload and throw your old refrigerators, air conditioners, mattresses, roof shingles, beer bottles and cans, McDonalds and other fast food wrappers, plastic bags full of waste and leaves, tree trimmings, soiled diapers, used oil, filters, batteries, tires and rubbish in our ditches, yards, pastures, and fling much of it way out into the fields.

We get flat tires and have to pick up your mess and by spring it amounts to pickup truck loads. Time and expense is unnecessarily involved picking your trash up while you loaf.

You complain of our dusts and smells while you enjoy a mouthful of cheap food. You bellyache of our use of the roads at critical seasons of the year.

You move into rural farmsteads and fill the yard with junk cars and other unsightly trash, then move on, leaving it all behind include'n unpaid rent and utility bills.

You break into our homes and steal tools from our shop and machinery. Drive'n too fast on our rural roads, you run over our pets and intimidate our children. You steal our NH3 and feel you can sell drugs from the rural seclusion. Silly unneeded city rules are demanded for the country side. You put graffiti on our road signs and other places.

You drive thru our fences and leave them unreported for livestock to escape. You've taken the back roads to avoid law officers while you are drunk. Just for fun you do figure eights in our stand'n crops, and test your 4-wheel P.U. trucks on our lanes and dirt pathways, and ditches. When stuck in the mud, run out of gas, a vehicle quits runn'n, who is it you ask for help to pull you out, but the farmer you gave "The Bird" to earlier in the season.

You trespass on our land illegally hunt'n and fish'n in our ponds, mash'n down our fences, spook'n our cattle, and cut our fences to retrieve the deer you've killed.

Then you drive your pickup trucks thru our fields to save a few steps creat'n erosion and compaction.

We mow road banks for your safety and beautification gratis free. Never a comment of appreciation.

If'n things don't go your way you threat'n to sue. You talk on the cell phone inattentively whilst drive'n and don't watch out for others thereby pull'n out in front of heavy equipment go'in the opposite direction-force'n them to the ditch. You could have waited a few seconds and avoided that.

You complain of government subsidies to the farmer that have already allowed you the cheapest and best food in the world.

Well, Mr./Mrs. "Everyday Joe" that's just a small sample of what the boys found out and reported to me. And yet with all of this they still love you and farmers will not return "The Bird" to you.

They smile, return a friendly wave and go on with their work. In fact, for the most part they realize most folk are not like you in any of those flagrant performances.

It is simply "The Bird" that identifies you as the weak-minded culprit who does not think of others when you do your selfish conduct!

Farmer's for the most part will not lower themselves to your indignant behavior!

As for me, I'm taken all this information under advisement and plan'n on dwell'n on both sides of the issue for a spell. No matter what the outcome, most folk are not a gonna turn on their none farmer friends and relatives just because of the obnoxious behavior and uncivilized notions of the "Bird Giver" who now ignorantly and mistakenly identifies themself as "Everyday Joe" for whom they certainly are not.

Besides all the farmers, me and the boys knows and are familiar with are not inclined to participate in what "the Bird" connotes, right there on the road or follow you home if'n that's what you wants.

And, one can feel assured if'n they were so inclined of such propensity for what you seem to be invite'n in mindset, for some strange and unusual reason, it certainly wouldn't be with such an uncouth and vulgar person your finger indicates you are!

Thank you Mr./Mrs. "Everyday Joe" for sharing your contempt for the farmers with me in your letter. It gave the boys cause to examine their circumstances.

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later

Barnyard Bruke