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by Nancy Lionberger, Hancock Co. Quill Reporter

In 2006, when the girls of La Harpe Girl Scout Troops 5049 an 5051 were" Daisies", the first celebration of Juliette Low's birthday was held.

Sunday, October 31 they met at the La Harpe Haunted House for a party in the founder's honor.

Cupcakes and drinks were enjoyed along with a story about how their organization was founded.

The girls had fun exploring the Haunted House in the daylight since it wasn't as scary as nighttime hours. The girls talked about the reason they have the Haunted House project.

The La Harpe Haunted House has been held the last three years. It is open to the public the last three weekends in October.

Previously, it was held at The Annex and this year was in an empty house.

The house is supported by various donations-monetary and scary items, furniture etc. to fix up the place.

Acquiring all of the items, setting up and tearing down is done by Christy and Ryan Kienast and Tina and Mike Lionberger.

About three weeks before the event is held, the action begins. Many hours of work go into preparing to entertain the patrons during the Halloween season.

The operation of the La Harpe Haunted House is done by the leaders, spouses, community volunteers and high school youth.

This year, some of the younger kids participated (if it wasn't too scary for them!).

A neighbor, Fred Gardner, helped out by mowing the yard for the cause and the neighbors never complained about the noisy, spooky sounds coming from the place when it was open.

The proceeds of this endeavor go to lights for the La Harpe city park, Girl Scout activities and supplies.

One of the projects the troops will do throughout the year is making a basket full of toiletries and necessities for those who are victims of a fire.

Hopefully, this can be continued over time. Others include a baby bundle for the Tri State Family Services in Carthage, a baby shower for the new Girl Scout baby and planting a tree at the La Harpe Carnegie Library to replace the one removed this year.

Next fall a location will be needed for the Haunted House set up.

The troops are always looking for volunteers willing to be " spooks " in the Haunted House.

Please contact Christy at 659-7925 or Tina 659-3631 if you have an old house or such a building to hold the Haunted House activities in or wish to volunteer. You can follow the local Haunted House on facebook@La HarpeHauntedHouse. Juliette Gordon Low was born in Savannah Georgia October 31, 1860 and was the founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA.

She was called "Daisy" by her family and friends. Her birthplace is now the Juliette Gordon Low Girl Scout National Center in Savannah.

Juliette had a lifetime interest in the arts and loved exotic birds, Georgia mockingbirds and dogs.

She had a special skill of standing on her head and did this every year on her birthday to prove she could still perform the feat.

Because of improper medical treatment, Juliette became deaf in 1886, the year of her marriage.

For several years she looked for something useful to do and on March 12, 1912 she gathered 18 girls in Savannah and they registered as the troop American Girl Guides.

The next year the group became the Girl Scouts.

Today there are 3.7 million members and is the largest educational organization for girls in the world.

Juliette Gordon Low has had many honors bestowed upon her. A stamp was released in her name, a WWII ship was named for her, a school in Savannah was named after her, a federal building in Savannah was given her name, named as one of the first Georgia Women of Achievement and a bronze and granite medallion as a part of the Extra Mile Points of Light Volunteer Pathway in Washington DC pays tribute to her accomplishments.

Juliette Low died in January 1927 and is buried in Savannah Georgia:.her home. Millions of girls have benefited from her making an idea a reality. Thank you Juliette Low!

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Several were asking when they saw this sign, "Who is sponsoring the La Harpe Haunted House?"