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Grassroots Efforts Gains Schilling 17th District Seat

More than impressive was the grassroots efforts and hardwork of Moline businessman and father of ten, Bobby Schilling (R), who upset a United States Congressional race in the 17th District that has been firmly Democrat since the days of Tom Railsback (1977-1982), the last Republican to hold the seat and now lives in Palm Dessert, California.

Railsback's spokesperson and right hand man was Ray LaHood who ended up to be speaker of the House until January 2009 when Obama appointed LaHood as the 16th U.S. Transportation Secretary.

Railsback was defeated by Kenny McMillian in the 1982 Primary and lost to Congressman Lane Evans (D) who held the 17th Congressional seat until his health prevented him from continuing and Lane's aide Phil Hare was appointed to replace him. Hare won a two year term over Andrea Zinga in 2006 and he won again in 2008 with no republican opponent.

During Evans terms from 1983 to 2007, he defeated the following Republican opponents:

Ken McMillan, in "82, "84

Sam McHard, in "86

William Stewart, in "88

Dan Lee, in "90

Kenneth Schloemer, in "92

Jim Anderson, in "94,

Mark Baker, in "96, "98, 2000

Calderone, in "02

Andrea Zinga in 2004.

For Republican Bobby Schilling, perhaps the unrest of the economy, loss of jobs, the recent passage of government health care, and the growing debt along with the strong tea party movement aimed at upsetting the democratic controlled Washington, has made the timing right for a change here and across the U.S.

According to Politico, "the Senate will remain in control by Democrats, just outside the GOP's reach." As of 2:00 a.m. the Democrats had 53 seats to 47 Republican seats and a GOP gain of 6.

The House Democrats had 197 seats to 238 for Republicans, a gain of 59 giving GOP control.