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Greetings to everyone in western Illinois.

By the time you read this column the election will have taken place and many, if not all, results will be known.

Some will have lost their political jobs and others will be breathing sighs of relief.

Maybe, just maybe, the air of change will have signaled a spark for the good.

Commentaries will be earning their keep telling anyone willing to listen what all has taken place and what it means for the future.

Don't you sometimes wonder where they got their crystal balls and why they feel so confident in predict'n the future?

I promised you'ns insight on King Solomon's wisdom a few weeks back. The story goes like this from the Talmud:

Three brothers were enroute to a distant city and, beings the way was long, they found themselves short of their destination on Friday evening and because they were Jews it was necessary to stop and lay over till the Sabbath was past.

A problem presented itself. The area was notorious for its many robbers and beings each man carried a considerable amount of money they needed a plan to keep it safe.

They came up with a plan.

A secluded spot was dug and the money carefully placed therein. No one had seen them and the coins were safe, or so they thought.

The Sabbath passed with the men then being free to resume their journey.

They proceeded to dig up the bags of money but, alas, the hole was empty! No trace of the money could be found.

The brothers were good thinkers and assumed one of the three had it because they were sure no one else knew about it.

Each brother declared innocency, each one said they had not taken it. Now what do you do.

It sounds like political candidates of different parties arguing their cause of recent pre-election days!

After some discussion they decided to take their case to King Solomon to see if'n he could help them. Perhaps he could expose the thief.

The king listened intently then related a story of his own.

"Once, there was a young girl and a boy", he said, "who became very fond of each other. They dreamed of the day when they would be old enough to be married.

They knew the time wasn't right so an agreement was reached that, some day they would marry unless time would bring changes and their hearts would be drawn to another, instead.

If this should happen the agreement could be broken"!

The years passed and another young man came into the life and heart of the girl.

She now needed to return to her former friend to sever the agreement.

She brought with her a gift of money as a token of appreciation for their friendship, which she presented to him.

He kindly thanked her for the friendship they had shared and each wished the other the blessings of life.

The gift though, was not accepted "Because, he said" it is not needed, we will always remain friends without money being passed".

Soon afterward, as the girl was on her homeward way, a thief sprang out from behind some bushes, overpowered her, snatched the money and fled. In consternation she shouted after him "Wait!" she cried, "Dor I have something to tell you".

Apparently the thief was not as had hearted as some and was touched by the story. He was moved to a point that he returned the money.

Thus ended the account related to the king.

"Now", said King Solomon, "Each of you three men may tell me who was most honest of the three persons in my story".

The first of the brothers had his answer ready, "It was the girl", he said, "Because she honored the commitment of former times and was willing to show her good will by the gift of money".

The second said it was the boy in his opinion, because he was willing tohonor the agreement inlcuded in the commitment and did not need a gift as influence to release her.

The third brother said, "It is the thief, because he was willing to return the money which most assuredly made him the most honest of the three."

The wise king turned to the one who had spoken last and said, "I have discovered the thief within you because, only a thief will think like a thief".

"A man who is truly honest will know that the money never belonged to the girl's robber. Returning the money was only because he felt sorry for her, not because his heart was changed to do right. He was still a thief".

And the thief was discovered. It is difficult for a dishonest person to actually discern what is good and right.

It might be well to reflect on Solomon's wisdom when we try to discern all of the political rhetoric of this past election season.

Time will ultimately tell who were the political thieves.

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya Later

Barnyard Bruke