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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "What Will They Say?"

Greetings to everyone in western Illinois,

Most of the farmers in these parts are drag'n around look'n kinda sullen these days.

The reason being they have filed their tax returns by now, unless of course they asked for a stay of execution.

They've been to the bank and withdrawn their CD's or borrowed, with a note, for payment to Uncle Sam for the privilege to make a live'n in these US of A this past year.

I read where an elderly lady was caught steal'n from a doctors office and sentenced to the "Pokey" for a three year term. This was not the first time she was caught doing the same thing-always stealing from a doctors office. In fact her sculldudggery goes back to 1955.

She justifies her acts based on two premises.

First, if'n the government would give her more money (welfare) she would not have to steal.

Second, those doctors are highway robbers, anyways, in their charges and she is only evening the score. Kind'a like a modern day Mrs. Robin Hood.

Well, it's too bad she feels thata way on both premises. She has, in all probability, never met our Dr. Pogue or she wouldn't hold to that view on doctors. He's one of the last of an old breed that actually cares about his patients and goes all out to help them.

Of course, there are other doctors scattered about these parts that are special and caring also. It just so happens I know Dr. Pogue the best and "would vouch for him any ole day of the year".

Talking about bankers, earlier, Sandy Bob sez his banker told him the "medium" sized farmer is outperforming the "Mega" farmer, hands down this past year.

It's too bad, Sandy sez, the "Mega" farmer is a waste'n his life away try'n to be a "Big Shot" and let'n greed get ahold of him so strong.

Which brings to mind the poem Sandy Bob shared with us boys a few weeks ago and I promised to pass along to you folks. Its called "What Will They Say".

What Will They Say?

What will they say when my work is done,

And life fades out with the setting sun?

"That he builded a business of goodly size,

And emblazoned his name on financial skies?

That his standing was shown in Bradstreet and Dun,

And Big Business paused when his course was run?

That his name was sufficient on bond or note,

And the banks all honored the checks he wrote?

That his record was clean, and he never swerved

From his steadfast course to success deserved?"

All very well, in a worldly way-

And yet not the things I hope they'll say.

When Life goes out with the dying day,

These are the things that I hope they'll say:

"That he greeted the morn with a snatch of song;

And whistled and smiled when all things went wrong;

That he treasured the friendship of child and brute;

Far more than he cherished the world's repute;

That if ever he wavered and walked astray,

He groped his way back in a penitent way;

That a heartening hail and a cheering smile

Will be missed from the paths that he trod awhile."

This be the tone of the world's refrain-

Else I shall feel I have lived in vain.

Well, I guess that sez it fairly well, written back in the late teens and/or early twenties. But, it is just as applicable as if'n it were written yesterday. Thanks a good bunch, "Sandy", I'm much obliged you shared the wisdom of that poem with us boys and consequently the western Illinois readers.

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya Later

Barnyard Bruke