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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Local Man Might Qualify for Economic Stimulus!"

Greetings to everyone in western Illinois. Well, we've reached the "high water" mark of 30 inches rain or more, in some areas around these parts, since April 25.

Everyone is speculate'n and no one knows for sure the affect this will have on yields, come this fall harvest.

A few farmers that fly for field inspection are a report'n dismal prospects at this time for both corn and especially soybeans.

Those fields that look fairly good from the road take on quite the negative different picture from the air.

Richard Brokaw has some mighty good aerial pictures, I'm sure he would send you if'n you would ask him. It might help you in your marketing strategy for this fall crop.

Richard is a most amaze'n feller. Not only is he a very special good kind of folk, as is the rest of his family include'n his Ma and Pa but he can untiringly trace out a tile line more accurately and quicker than anyone I know.

I spect he'll be kept as busy as he wants after all this rain we've been have'n, help'n to search where new drainage tile should or should not be dug in at.

It looks to me like he should qualify for a goodly sum of these "economic stimulus" funds "Obama" is a hand'n out.

I figure it to be a right smart way to increase farm incomes if'n we improve farm drainage and thereby yields.

Richard, keep up the good work and I'll fire off a letter to Vilsak make'n the suggestion he pass this idea on to the appropriate Washington crowd.

However, if'n I was you, Richard, I would not suggest hold'n your breath wait'n on a positive response.

As a matter of fact, don't quit your day job for now and don't spend any of your anticipated stimulus funds.

I'm a hope'n all of you men folk, who is fathers, had a good fathers day Sunday with family and friends.

Actually, everyday is a good day to honor both fathers and mothers, living and deceased. Sunday is appropriate as it also is appropriate to honor our father in Heaven.

The tractors are a roll'n in over in Burlington, Iowa and a local group of about 13 or so Western Illinois farmers had a tractor ride from Stronghurst to Smithshire and back with a meal in between.

Hundreds are a come'n into Burlington, however, and Dessa has been alerted to report right nice on the event. A former local Stronghurst gal, Janine Van Vark, who now lives in Pella, Iowa, daughter of Jesse and Jan Rehm, is a head'n up the event.

Mark Pearson, of public televisions Market to Market and W.H.O. radio is the group behind the trail ride.

They will be come'n over into Western Illinois, so keep a sharp eye out for them. I'm told the event goes from Sunday thru Wednesday and was signed up for in January. The rouster was filled in two days.

In visit'n over there, one can spot all kinds of makes and models of tractors include'n a pink Oliver colored that way original to signify any color tractor can pull one of Olivers superb plows.

Buster Jigs sez he even saw a few odd ball tractors over there, too which Bill Jones quickly responded, "Ya, I know they are red and were called Internationals and Farmals!"

That started a fun filled and spirited discussion that to my appraisal, no victor was declared.

It was noted that Cornelius Farkwad at one time was a two cylinder John Deere Loyalist. Sandy Bob was an Allis Chalmer man, Buster Jigs an International man, Bill Jones an Oliver man, and me sez well I favored M & M for a spell.

Now, in those days in our neighborhood, never the twain was agreement ever reached as to which was the best, the most powerful, the most dependable, the most reliable, the most comfortable, the most attractive, the most economical and of course the noisiest.

Noise was associated with power and today many an "Old Timer" is caught say'n "what, what did ya say, will ya repeat that" because of a thousand crickets ring'n in his ears from those noisy things.

Mostly though, he has the hardest time a hear'n his wife if'n she's spell'n out a "honey do" project.

It's only partial hearing loss, however, fer if'n she's call'n him in from the back 40 fer one of her fancy meals, he seems to hear quite clearly!

Well, one thing shore enough is true. Sandy Bobs bad back came from ride'n that WD 45 too long a hours hang'n over that back axle an teeter'n to who laid the tulips between lumpy clods.

Bill Jones continues to wear his "Pith hat" that went with his Oliver tractor. International sold out to Case and John Deere quit make'n the two lungers.

So, all that is left is to show the old things off and while away good times by argue'n good naturedly about unresolved opinions of old.

Keep on a Smile'n

Catch ya Later

Barnyard Bruke