The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Raritan Village Meetings

The Village Of Raritan met in the meeting room of the Raritan Fire House on May 12, and June 10 with trustees Blender, Waller, Powless, Magee and Anders answering roll call and Trustee Blender opening with prayer. Minutes of the last meeting and Bills were both approved.

May Bills presented were as follows: PDC $43.50; Jay Blender $750.00; Ameren IP $742.16; Ron Stombaugh $512.00; Dallas Rural Water $680.15; Waste Management $843.20; Dennis Rankin $218.50; Gary Powless $80.00; Carlyn Anders $104.69; Phil Anders $105.00.

June Bills approved were as follows: Jay Blender $500.00; Phil Anders $138.62; Seybold $284.25; Ameren IP $668.40; Waste Management $843.20; IRWA $222.90; Murphy's $90.00; Dallas Rural Water $585.94; Stronghurst Repair, LLC $50.00.

A motion was made by trustee Blender, seconded by trustee Magee to pay the above bills. Motion carried.

A motion was made by trustee Waller, seconded by trustee Blender to approve the 2010 Prevailing Wage Ordinance. Motion carried.

RMS baseball has given the shed at the ball park to the village.

A discussion was held about garbage pick up fees. It was decided and approved that all water patrons have to pay for garbage as was originally set up.

A building permit was received from Larry and Linda Thompson for an addition to there residence. It was approved.

A motion was made by trustee Magee, seconded by trustee Anders to raise garbage fees effective July 1, 2010 to $30.00 every 2 months which carried.

At the June 10 meeting visitors were Doug Hensley and Charmin Joseph. Trustee Blender opened with prayer.

Trustee Magee will find someone to give a bid for concrete work at the park.

President reported that the village needed to pass on Ordinance for Henderson County Hazard Mitigation Plan. A motion was made by trustee Blender, seconded by trustee Waller to approve the above Ordinance. Motion carried.

The clerk was instructed to contact Sonny's Repair about replacing worn out Christmas receptacles.