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Sheriff's Offense Reports Show Crime Has Slowed In 2010

by David Conard, The Quill

Last week the Henderson County Sheriff's office shared a report from the department's police and information planning system. It was a complete list of every type of request, complaint, and violation that crosses the desk at the Sheriff's Office. The report is used as a tool to review offenses.

The numbers on the report reflect the totals the Sheriff's office has documented for 2009, and the first 5 months of 2010.

In 2009, there were a total of 1,763 initial reports, everything from no fishing license to child neglect, aggravated battery, injuries and deaths. Of those 1,763 initial reports in 2009, it was determined there were 1,353 offenses which had actually occurred and could be processed, and 996 (74%) that had been cleared (found guilty, not guilty, paid fines, etc.).

For the first five months of 2010, there were 736 initial reports made by the Sheriff's office, with only 311 determined to have actually occurred, and 205 which had cleared (found guilty, not guilty, paid fines, etc.) .

What all those numbers come down to, is that so far this year, according to the Sheriff's reports, this community is having a good year with overall averages showing a decrease in complaints and violations in most areas.

Neighborhood trouble is a whole new slate this year with six reports made since the beginning of the year, compared to no neighborhood trouble reported last year. The reports show that neighborhood trouble goes much further than beyond fences.

There has been half as many DUIs (20) in the last five months as there was all of last year by the Sheriff's reports, and there is still more than half a year left to catch more than 2009's total of 44.

The domestic battery rate is averaging 2 calls a month which is the rate for 2009.

Drugs are way down, as are burglaries the numbers show.

Traffic violations for 2009 added up to 533 cleared, compared to this year's total, so far, of only 78 violations.

The County's Sheriff's Office has five months of the new year under its belt, and all seems to be better than just good according to this report.

It has been since the beginning of the year that every week, the Sheriffs Office has said that there hasn't been anything major worth reporting.

No Crime? Now, that's Treasure in the Heartland.