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Letters to Editor

Can You Fly?

By Elaine Slater Reese, Special for the Quill

Perhaps you have driven by a large shopping center at night and seen a gigantic American flag flowing gently in the breeze. The bright lights make the red, white, and blue stripes so vibrant.

I have found myself sometimes thinking, "Wow, that has to be a very expensive flag!"



It cost the lives of men and women in conflict after conflict. These people were someone's son, husband, father, brother, daughter, wife, mother, sister, or friend.

In America today, there are many who show no respect for Ole Glory. Some have never been taught the value of this symbol of our freedom which we so take for granted.

Even on June 14th, many fail to give a moment's thought to the American Flag and what it represents. How many in your neighborhood fly the flag every day? On June 14th?

I am saddened as I think of the similarity of our flag and the Bible. Each cost so much - the flag lives of those in the military and the Bible - the life of a savior on the cross.

The Bible has become much like the flag. We don't openly display it much. We so often do not value and respect it. Yet, the Bible and the American flag are such basic parts of what America is and who we are.

Because of them we have been given choices. They each give us the right and freedom to be what we choose to be. On June 14th, think about your choice.

CAN YOU FLY Ole' Glory - or will it be just another day in your life?

-Elaine Slater Reese is a freelance writer in Spring Green, Wi. who grew up in Hancock County - near Bowen, Illinois

Poppy Day


Dear Editor:

The American Legion Unit #765 appreciate the community for their support of "Poppy Day" last Saturday.

The response from the citizens of the community was wonderful. The boy scout and cub scouts and their leaders who helped with the distribution of the poppies along with auxiliary members are to be commended.

This is a very special project for our organization as the veterans who are patients at the Quincy VA Hospital do the assembly of the poppies we distribute, they are paid to do this and sometimes this is their only income.

I would like to offer a question also, since this past weekend was a National Observance why was the Flag at the post office the only one flying on the street in Stronghurst? Surely there are businesses in our village that have flags, where did our patriotism go? Remember now, June 14th is Flag Day, let's see those flags.

Mildred Anderson

Poppy Chairman

American Legion Auxiliary #765