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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "A Terrible loss occurred to buster jigs grandson!"

Greetings to everyone in Western Illinois.

I'm a hope'n everyone had themselves a good Memorial Day weekend.

Pay'n respects to military folk and loved ones, decoratin' graves, pause'n to reflect on the blessings of our country and just do'n a thing or two which makes you feel good for yourself, is all bout this weekend.

It also can symbolically start the summer off in a grand way.

Many farmers are a try'n to finish plant'n beans and replant'n rained out corn that was drowned out earlier.

Those that are plant'n beans are find'n deep frustration from time to time make'n their plant'n machines work properly because the seed size is so big this year and it seems the seed treatment won't allow the seed to meter out consistently.

Those folk with drills with sophisticated meter'n devices and those with Kinze planters with the fancy plastic 80 hole plates are find'n seed gett'n stuck and inconsistent plant'n rates.

Of course, wouldn't you know, the proper 40 hole plates won't be in the store until a while later in the plant'n season. While enough later to cause probable large yield loss.

Those with drills could switch back to the old or fundamental meter'n devices, which helps some.

All the while as one messes with this time consume'n pesky problem, his eyes glare to the southwest where another thunderstorm is a build'n up to roll over head and dump it's load.

Northern folk in our territory got a good wash'n for their tractors and planters with anywheres from 7 tenths to one inch of rain.

Southern folk in our territory just got enough sprinkles, if any at all, to keep em out of the field for an hour or so.

Those folk with only a sprinkle or two are a wear"n smiley faces right now. Those with washed on planters and tractors are not so happy and even may be a bite of a grump.

Those with picnics planned early in the day found it was rained out and not too pleased.

Those with afternoon picnics planned were pleased to have their husbands out of the field and in fellowship with family and friends.

Those folk that was on the river loaded down with spirits, hardly minded or barely knew whether it rained or not!

Anyway's, whether it rained or not, the time was there to pay proper respect to those deserving it.

It must be the season fer snapp'n turtles to go a nest'n. I've seen 4 or 5 crossing the road in "breakneck" turtle speed.

Several on the highway didn't make it and were squashed flat. I suppose they was run over by a semi, fer if'n they was hit by one of today's smaller cars, I would've seen signs along the road of the car cascadin' into flight, smash'n it to smithereens.

With all the news going on in Washington, oil spills, Israeli/Polistinian/Gaza problems, budget deficits and overspend'n, health care and tax increases, grain prices off and farm bins going out of condition, etc. etc., we here in Western Illinois can add another tragedy to our list of concerns.

It seems, Buster Jigs grandson's pet toad has up and died on him. Now, to a five year old this is one of his more traumatic events to fall on him his entire life!

Why did he have to die, where does he go when he dies, how do we bury him, and what is a fitt'n burial for a pet toad?

Will his tears ever dry up? Could this be caused by Global Warming, some conspiracy of a foreign government, or did Ethanol cause his death?

How will I now fill my empty pocket with my pet toad gone? How long may I carry him in my pocket dead? Will he be remembered next year on Memorial Day?

Whatever the answers to these numerous questions are, there most certain will never be another friend to the young lad as that dear toad was!

He's sure of that. There are some good lessons here, I'm positive. It'll just take a little time for me to sort it all out.

Meanwhile, keep those umbrellas and raincoats handy and your boots at your back door, and take time during this monsoon season to make plans for fellowship with family, friends, and neighbors, once the crop is finally all planted.

Maybe you can crank up a nice big sweet batch of homemade ice cream, and the Misses can make up a batch of strawberries for everyone, fresh from the garden, just to ease the pain of a long wet frustratin' plantin' season.

Keep On Smile'n
Catch Ya Later
Barnyard Bruke