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WC CUSD #235 Board of Education

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 the West Central CUSD #235 Board of Education conducted their regular meeting at 7:00 p.m. by Board President Brent calling the meeting to order in the elementary cafeteria. All board members were present at roll call as President Brent led the members of the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The board conducted a public hearing for the amended FY10 district budget. President Brent called the hearing to order and roll call was taken and all board members were present for the hearing. No one from the audience or the board offered any public comment on the proposed amended FY10 budget. Board President declared the public hearing adjourned.

Under good news items, the following items were highlighted:

The board approved the agenda with the addition of item XVI(D-11). Resignation of Nancy Chandler as WCMS enrichment sponsor.

Under recognition of audience request for presentation, the board engaged in a discussion with WCHS softball coach John Morrison regarding the use of the softball diamond on the south campus. As a result of the conversation, the board asked district athletic director to meet with Coach Morrison and representatives from the Stronghurst baseball/softball organization to see if some general guidelines could be agreed to regarding the use of the diamonds in Stronghurst. Those recommendations are to be brought back to the board at a future meeting for discussion and approval.

The board approved the consent agenda as presented. Items approved under the consent agenda included:

The board approved payment of all bills presented with a few additional bills that were presented to them at the table at the meeting. The board also approved the May activity accounts as well as the May's treasurer's report.

The board heard an update on the amended FY10 district budget from Superintendent Grimm. Following the overview, the board approved the amended FY10 budget.

The board approved a renewal quote for FY11 from Indiana Insurance in the amount of $111,386 for the district's insurance package. Supt. Grimm indicated to the board that the primary reason for the increase in the renewal premium was due to the district's number of worker compensation claims that have been incurred over the past year.

The board approved an emergency health life safety amendment for work that was needed on the well on the north campus. In a second motion the board approved the regular life safety amendment for the same project.

The board heard reports from Mr. Buss, Mr. Nichols and Mr. Bradburn.

The board reviewed briefly the Athletic Director Jay Blender's report on the spring sports.

The board reviewed the minutes of the board's building committee meeting held on June 1, 2010. Several of the items contained in those minutes were highlighted by Superintendent Grimm. Also as part of this discussion, the board, by consensus, agreed to a quote for some north campus parking lot repairs that had been provided by Gunther Contracting. The quote was for $23,000 worth of repair work to several blacktop areas on the north campus.

The board briefly discussed a letter that Supt. Grimm had received from the Monmouth/Roseville Superintendent and Board President. The purpose of the letter was to gauge the board's interest in engaging in conversation with them about possible consolidation options in the future. As a result of the discussion, the board directed Board President Brent and Superintendent Grimm to contact the Monmouth/Roseville Superintendent and Board President to set a time when a face to face meeting can occur to exchange some preliminary information and personal gauge Monmouth/Roseville's interest in pursuing consolidation with a neighboring district. It was also suggested that on a preliminary basis some financial information could be exchanged between the two districts. This topic will be brought up at the face to face meeting as well.

The board discussed again, the West Central Early Childhood Program. Superintendent Grimm reported to the board that as of today, the district had not received any of their FY10 early childhood funding from the Illinois State Board of Education. Supt. Grimm indicated that he felt it necessary to bring this information back to the board to see if the board wished to change their position on the funding for the program for FY11. As a result of a brief conversation on the program, the board affirmed their commitment to providing the program at a fully funded level for FY11; however, the board did indicate that a discussion about the future of the program perhaps should take place at the December 2010 board meeting to see where the program is financially and to make any plans to reduce or eliminate the program in FY12.

The board entered closed session to discuss matters pertaining to personnel at 8:42 p.m. The board exited closed session at 9:45 p.m. and took the following action:

The board was reminded that their next meeting will be Wednesday, July 21, 2010. This meeting will begin at 7 p.m. and be held in the elementary cafeteria.

There being no other business to come before the board, the board adjourned their meeting at 9:52 p.m.