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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Socialism" was taught as an "Evil System"

Greetings to everyone in Western Illinois. I'm a hope'n everyone is have'n a good time at the county fairs. It's a good time for all, young and old,, to reconnect, network and establish relationships.

It also is well to pass along some of our rural heritage to the next generation.

It was well, to not see any adults openly carry'n and drink'n beer on the fair grounds. The example set, now in restraint, for our youth will reap rewards later on.

Jasper Jenx was a tell'n us boys of a conversation he had recently whilst have'n his oil changed. It seems a nice feller was a sitt'n beside him wait'n on an oil change himself. They struck up a conversation.

Dure'n the course of the conversation the man allowed that he was a minister and also specified which faith he ministered in, which was in one of our local towns. Jasper informed the man he was well acquainted with that religious affiliation and his past knowledge was that they was fairly conservative.

The minister replies, according to Jasper "Yes, we started out that a way years ago. But over the years all that has changed. We are now "enlightened" today. In fact the truth of the matter, accord'n to the minister, we like to talk a good story about the "Old Time Religion" but for the most part our daily lives reflect something different.

Well, us boys reflected to Jasper, that is often the case-"Talk'n the walk, but not walk'n the talk". It happens in many areas even aside from religion. Politicians are a good example.

We all agreed, for this year so far, at the fairs, the adults were "walk'n the talk" rather than the other way around, by leave'n their beer at home and demonstrate'n sobriety and restraint. It was a good example of have'n good ole fashioned fun without have'n to alter one's mind with mind deviation agents range'n from liquor to drugs.

July and August traditionally is a good time for family reunions. They are perhaps more important now, than ever before, because families can be so scattered. It's another example of "walk'n the talk". With family reunions, you are more than talk'n about be'n family, you are actually practice'n and reinforce'n the connection.

If'n you or your family does not have reunions, then now is a good time to get one started. Don't wait on someone else to take the initiative, get one started on your own.

One might ask, what's the importance of pass'n on values to the next generation. Well, maybe a good example can be made of how teaching in our school has changed over the years, especially in our more urban schools.

It used to be taught in our schools, back when us older folk was in one room schools, what our nation's founders and their constitutionalist descendants believed would produce the best results for a people united around certain commonly held principles. The merits of "hard work" and earn'n one's own keep was but a few of those principles along with the ability to fail and individually make for success.

We were taught what the results would be if'n those principles were applied in our individual lives as well as our national lives.

It's a sad commentary to note that today fewer and fewer of those principles are commonly held. Mostly, because they are not being taught at home and in our public schools and especially not in our universities. The media does not reinforce those principles, in fact they for the most part distort them.

Consequently, we allow our politicians to grab constantly extensive amounts of the money we make and misspend it as they will.

The liberal wings of the Democratic and Republican parties are take'n apart the America we have known and loved and transfigure'n it into something it has never been, which is a socialist state.

If'n we allow this to continue there will be no going back. Right now, the press reports those, on some sort of welfare or another, out number those pay'n the taxes. Those welfare folks vote and their votes are influence'n the politicians on their break-neck speed to socialize our nation.

Our generation's disgrace for allow'n this blight to conquer America will most certainly be an indomitable shame for future generations to condemn us.

Our gang of western Illinois vote'n folk all agreed in complete unison that it is past time to liberate those politicians in office from the burden of their jobs. It can be done by vote'n' the "scallywags" and "carpetbaggers" out of office and freeing them up to compete for a live'n' like everyone else, by work'n' as a citizen for wages.

Let them operate under the same set of rules that us common folk have to work under and take away the special privileges they receive as if'n they was royalty.

Set term limits on the new incumbents and when they realize they will now be subject to the very laws they create after leave'n' office, maybe, just maybe, they're be more careful in their high-minded proposals.

Well, isn't it interest'n what conversations can develop as a few of us Henderson and Hancock County boys gather to reflect on the county fair. Jasper Jenx started it out reflect'n on religion, but Sandy Bob, Cornelius Farkwad, Bill Jones, and Buster Jigs put in their fair share of comments.

As for meself, I'm merely pass'n along the "Jaw'n" session for you reader's reflection. A mighty lively "Jaw'n" session it was, as you can only imagine!

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya Later

Barnyard Bruke