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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "A Groundhog's ability to do serious damage can be compared to a politician in their work behind the scenes!"

Greetings to everyone in Western Illinois. I'm a hope'n everyone is a gear'n up for the county fair, "As th' monkey with his tail cut off said-It won't be long now".

I spect many of youn's has fond memories of past fair activities, especially those memories of long ago belong'n to them of the "older generation".

It might be good if'n you could share some of your past fair activities and good memories with The Quill to pass on to its readers and the younger folk. I'm a wonder'n who might have the oldest "fair" story go'n back the furthest distance in time.

At the same time, I'm a wonder'n who would have a fond memory to share with readers about more recent fair events or other excitements, maybe even as recent as last years fair.

Well, a friend convinced Sandy Bob to chance a ride in an airplane to inspect this years crops from the air.

Sandy sez it's an awful sight up there look'n down on large fields with huge drowned out spots. Some fields look fairly decent, he sez, especially if'n they got's a slight roll to them.

The "flat land", he tells, is another story. Nothing to brag on there, unless you are a duck hunter scout'n out good hunt'n territory for this fall.

Bill Jones tells of travel'n down one of those fancy four lane highways recently and read'n an overhead sign put up by State Government wizards what sez, "Seat belts Save lives. It's the law".

Now Ole Bill posed the question as to his wonder'n how the state could enforce a law to save lives.

That is to say, either the seat belt is gonna save a life or it isn't. Fact of the matter is, in Bill's opinion, the seat belt is gonna do what it's a gonna do for the occupant use'n it in spite of what any law sez it has to do.

Well Bill, Cornelius tells him, that sign is not a refer'n to any law command'n a seat belt to save lives. It's a refer'n to the command that everyone use a seat belt or face a fine if'n you are caught drive'n or ride'n without one on. Bill then goes on to point out that when Sandy comes to the up come'n fair, he'd best be wear'n his seat belt.

And, for that matter, it might be well if'n he obey's all the laws, fer we got's us some new and additional official law in the area this year.

They's right ready to enforce the rules for the benefit of everyone.

Well, Sandy expressed his appreciation to Bill for that bit of advice and resolved for himself to brush up on the latest version of "The Rules of the Road".

Then, Ole Buster Jigs pipes up and tells of him a read'n recently that there's a move afoot, by politicians, to hold off on pay'n Social Security benefits for retirement until a person reaches 70 rather than 65 years old. The article spoke of it affect'n mostly those born after 1960.

That didn't wrinkle an eyebrow in our group, as much as you might suppose, fer they was all well beyond remember'n anything about birth by 1960.

It was pointed out that whilst our group might "escape the bullet" on that one, they will probably get caught up in the spider web of latch'n on to more of our well earned money, as time goes on.

The budget is out of balance and someone has got to "pay the piper" for past "spend'n sins". It shore enough doesn't appear to be come'n out of any of the politicians personal pocket book. In fact, Gov. Pat Quinn, the scallywag, has doled out 43 payraises to many members of his staff of 20% and more while promising to cut over a billion in spending, mostly in education and social services.

From there, the conversation sped onward to next falls election. It seemed a fairly uniform opinion of the need to "vote the rascals out".

Well, time will tell how successful that goal will be. Those political folk and bureaucrats are fairly well entrenched and are quite confident of the voters "short memories".

Cornelius has got ground hog problems out back behind one of his sheds and has had them for many years.

He has tried everything and it seems once he gets ahead of one batch of the rascals a new bunch comes in after a short spell to do their dirty work.

Cornelius wonders if'n maybe politics is the same way? All and all, it's best to keep after em or before too long they'll do much damage. That is the politician he's a referring to.

They carry the potential for accomplish'n much more damage, long term, than those pesky little ground hogs.

Our whole group ducked on that topic for quite a spell.

End result of all the "jaw'n" was to aggressively make for changes in the upcoming election.

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya Later

Barnyard Bruke