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Lightning Strikes Union Church

La Harpe- On Monday, June 14th the Union Church of La Harpe was struck by lightning during a severe thunderstorm that passed through and flooded streets and yards. Several board members were in the church at the time and power was already off at the church.

One phone went dead immediately. In the days that followed additional problems were discovered.

There were more phone problems (which the phone company quickly fixed) and the lightning took out the electric piano, the motor for the screen in the sanctuary, some relay boxes for the multimedia system, and it appears the church elevator as well.

"We aren't sure we have found everything yet, but it could have been a lot worse" said Pastor Bruce Goettsche. "The lightning seemed to be very selective."

The church had to cancel the showing of the "Love and Respect" video series because the multimedia system was down.

However, Worship continued as always on Sunday. The church was able to warn those who use the elevator and notify the congregation of other problems using e-mail and the church website ( ).

It was announced that it was going to be "Church as it Used to Be" month at the church (with the happy exception of having air conditioning).

Pastor Goettsche said the losses were covered by insurance and it would just take some time to get everything repaired.

In the meantime the church plans to "make the best of it." They say, "it is a reminder that worship is not about gadgets . . . it is about the heart."