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Electrifying Music Comes to La Harpe

The Annex in La Harpe was buzzing this weekend. After a group of 40 of our special injured veterans on their "Sea to Shining Sea" tour stopped for refreshments in the early morning, July 2nd, a couple of bands were at the Annex that evening -Dungeon Jeep followed by the Jeff Scheetz band of Kansas City. Jeff is an amazing talent and keeps company with a drummer and lead singer who fit his style like a glove. Jeff's blues music on his electric guitar is all over the place as if his drummer and fellow guitarist are to fill in the blanks, and they do it without skipping a beat in his fast moving hard rock style. The amazing trio played with a passion that made their talent hard to sit still too. Several danced the night away past midnight as the band played on. Saturday, Jeff's band played at Cornerstone in Bushnell and he lead a blues jam in the eveing there. You can listen to Jeff's version of O Holy Night, Little Drummer Boy, on his Christmas album at and many other songs from his other albums.

Jeff is married to the former Jackie Rodeffer, daughter of Delores Rodeffer of Blandinsville and the late Dick Rodeffer. The Scheetzs have a national freezbie champion dog that's pretty special, too, who's won many awards across the nation. See:

Towser is performing a demonstration during the Royals baseball game in Kansas City, MO and was shown on the Jumbotron with Jeff.