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Morgan Pollock Spreading "The Word" In Puerto Rico

by Morgan Pollock-La Harpe

Special For The Quill

I always have wanted to go some place and make a difference, but most importantly go some place and teach the Word.

I started off my journey this April by taking a week mission trip to Christian Day School in Puerto Rico with 12 of my classmates from Lincoln Christian University. I had a fantastic indescribable experience! After I returned home I just knew I needed to go back.

After lots of prayer and a plane ticket I was on a plane back to San Juan, Puerto Rico to teach at the same Christian school for 5 weeks. I couldn't have been more blessed with all of the support from my Church, family, and friends.

While in Puerto Rico I taught Bible to Pre-K-5th grade. I taught them a new lesson everyday and never failed to not learn a lesson or two myself in the process. The kids are great teachers. I had never met so many loving children before I met them. They honestly love you with everything they have and make sure you are fully aware of it.

I have learned a few hard lessons from my experience. Lessons I will never forget, and experiences I will never lose. For that I am so grateful. The kids at Christian Day School will really change your life, they always seem to do so.

Two other girls from my school were on the trip with me. Keturah, from Mt Carmel, taught physical education and Alyssa, from Mattoon, taught English. We three girls really connected on all different levels and, of course, we shared many laughs. We learned to stick together and lean on the other during the hard days.

We lived at the Church for 5 weeks and were taken out during weekends and sometimes the weekdays. The families from the Church really treated us special as if we were their own children. They were always taking us shopping, to the movies, out to eat numerous times, around the city, to our very favorite (the beach), and invited us into their homes for a good family night.

We are beyond thankful and blessed for all they did for us. One lady from the Church washed and folded all of our laundry once a week. She even had it back to us the next day. They all showed us so much love. The families here were simply the answers to ours and our parents' prayers.

People in Puerto Rico really know how to show love, I will never forget that. I will always take with me the hearts of so many people that touched my life. God granted me with one of the best learning and teaching experiences I ever thought possible. I have once again learned to never underestimate what the Lord can do through you.