The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letter to Editor

Praises Emergency Personnel

Dear Editor:

Do we as citizens of La Harpe know how valuable our ambulance and fire department are, or only when we need them?

Recently we have had this put upon us by both groups.

December 27, at midnight on a snowy slick night, we had to call 911-five wonderful people came to our aide and one stayed behind to drive Bill to the hospital with me.

We will forever be grateful to the wonderful ambulance crew.

Also to our wonderful city crew and fire department for inviting us to a warm building on Saturday morning when we were without electricity-the ambulance (Eric and Tyler) even knocked on our door to see if we were okay or needed a ride-what a town!

These are our servicemen-tell them they are appreciated!

Alberta Knobbs

La Harpe