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Carolyn, County Librarian Relinquishes A Job...Well Done!

When you hear the name Carolyn Fry, you think of books, and for good reason. I doubt if a day has gone by that Carolyn hasn't had a book, or lots of books in her hands. Carolyn is Henderson County Librarian, or she will be until December 30, 2010 when she officially retires after 35 years.

Carolyn's job seems to be as easy as breathing for her. Her knowledge with due diligence has brought about a new beautiful library for everyone in the county's benefit. No longer is she sitting on a pile of books in a room so small that it was hard to find her desk. Now there is a place for everything with an inviting atmosphere that has expanded county usage. A public Open House is set in Carolyn's honor at the Library in Biggsville for Thursday, Dec. 30, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The county board, at their November 19th meeting, passed a "Resolution of Appreciation" in Carolyn's honor acknowledging her "leadership and public service" to the county "for 34 years of which 23 were as Head Librarian."

Statements from library supporters on Carolyn's contributions and on her retirement.:

Janet Shinkle, Stronghurst- Over the years we all have come to appreciate all she and her staff do for us (school librarians). She has helped pick out books, ordered books that the library didn't have, has all kinds of activities for the children, and we have had held meetings at the library.

I started working with Carolyn when she became librarian at the Henderson County District Library.

The librarian at Union District, Linda Michels, and I, Librarian at Southern District 120, worked with Carolyn to help us with resources that we needed but could not afford.

By borrowing back and forth we increased our service to of our areas.

Carolyn would invite us up a couple times a year and we would discuss materials she could order to help supplement our libraries.

She would purchase items that we would use occasionally but could not justify in our budgets.

When we needed those items then she would loan them to us and at times on long term.

Not only did she help with books and other resources, but she would stop on her way to work each morning and drop off items or pick up books. This was such a big help and time saving for us. We really appreciated all the help she gave us.

We also worked well together when we would write grants in conjunction with the public library. She was there to help and offer suggestions. Southern was very happy to get our Internet technology by writing a grant, and we wrote the technology into it. We were fortunate to get almost $40,000 to purchase what we needed from the Illinois State Library.

When the library was organized years ago, one of its purposes was to help the schools and Carolyn carried on this by helping and scheduling the bookmobile to stop and supplement our elementary and junior high. Over the years we have come to depend on Carolyn and her staff to be there when we needed something.

Art Kane, Raritan-

Being a library trustee, I appreciate the many hours of work, Mrs. Fry did for the grant applications to receive the funds from the Illinois Secretary of State for the new large library. When word came that everything was filled out correctly, the grant may have been one of the last granted by the state.

Also many may not know, that few counties have the service of a bookmobile. Our library is a real treasure and I hope folks visit to see all it has to offer.

The library has a great section for genealogy and Mrs. Fry was an officer of the local organization that helped to add to the family trees collection.

David Painter:

Carolyn Fry will leave with a great record of accomplishments. She increased the volume of books for circulation. She went through the steps that was necessary, before you could even start thinking about constructing a new library.

After the construction phase was completed the move to the new library was very well organized. It was through her efforts and the generosity of David Hill that Henderson County has a library that we all can be proud of.

Jim & Doris Cook:

The county museum has worked with Carolyn in keeping our paper artifacts restored and on file. Many times, through our cooperation genealogical facts have been put together. When a historical event of county and community scale was being planned we would go to the library to find the facts.

On the entertainment field, the library is compared to going into a "candy store". Every two weeks we can walk a short block to the Bookmobile. Carolyn's interest in community affairs will be greatly missed.


Carolyn will be missed. She has been of great help to me over the years. I have appreciated the effort put into getting the books I wanted to read. I could always count on receiving them in a timely fashion. She has made my visits to the library a pleasant experience. I also enjoyed the children's summer reading program that my grandchildren participated in. The end of summer parties were great fun, even the snakes. She will be missed.


As a former library board member and bookmobile driver, I know Carolyn worked conscientiously to provide library service to the entire county, communities and schools.

When the Accelerated Reader programs were introduced into the schools (different for each district), Carolyn and staff worked diligently to label and provide copies of books which students were requesting.

Did you or your children ever participate in Summer reading? Carolyn would start ordering the paperback books for awards at the beginning of each school year. It was less expensive for the library and gave the schools more reading points for free books.

Lastly, Carolyn budgeted and worked with boards to continue providing bookmobile service to communities and schools. This service helped many students keep up their reading skills during the summer months. On her way to and from work each day, her car would stop at residences and schools-leaving or picking up books. If your request came in, it was often dropped off "special delivery". (Just ask Phyllis Pulse of Stronghurst)

Carolyn's cooperation, attitude and experience, were helpful and appreciated when the schools were applying for grants. She read over drafts, made suggestions, and even attended workshops.

Also Linda Michels School librarian applied for an award related to coordination of school and local library, she titled it Carolyn Fry-"Super Woman"

Before computer, Miss Pat Olson, Union High History teacher recalls requesting a collection of books for students use on research projects which Carolyn helped her with.

Susan Campbell, retired elementary teacher said that elementary teachers would sometimes have reading units devoted to a particular author. Carolyn and her staff would come up with a substantial number of books....