The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letter to Editor

Dear Editor,

To My Friends & Taxpayers,

In this newsletter I will explain why I will be unable to maintain township roads this winter.

The snowplow truck the township road district currently owns is in need of major repairs and the estimated cost will most likely exceed $10,000.00 and the repair shop advised me that this truck is not safe to operate and we would be better off replacing this truck.

Taking this advice, I started looking for a replacement and after several phone calls and several hours of looking over the last 3 weeks, I found a truck I felt was worth the money ($32,900.00).

Yes, that is a lot of money but, I think it would be a better investment than spending $10,000.00 or more on a truck that is approximately worth $3,500.00.

However, I do have some money budgeted for the replacement of equipment but, I would have to finance the remainder balance which is not uncommon for township road districts to do, and by state statutes, I have the authority to purchase and finance equipment as long as it's covered in my budget.

Now this truck has not been purchased to this date, and the reason for that is, the supervisor and the majority of the township board of trustees will not work with me and will not give the approval for the financing of this truck.

The other problem is, the bank that we work with will not finance this truck unless the supervisor and the board of trustees give approval to finance the loan.

So, with them not willing to work with me and not having enough money budgeted for that big of a repair bill, my hands are tied.

I have tried to explain to the supervisor, the board of trustees and the bank that the highway commissioner has the authority to purchase the equipment and finance equipment and does not need the approval of the supervisor and the board as long as it is in the budget.

What the supervisor and majority of the board of trustees don't understand is that when I was elected to the office of highway commissioner, I have total control of the road district side of the township and if something is in my budget and they approved my budget, I can do it.

So, until the supervisor and the majority of the board of trustees quit with the power struggle, you the people/taxpayers will suffer and it also shows they don't care. I apologize to all of you, but I have refused to operate unsafe equipment. I encourage you to voice your opinion to the supervisor and the board of trustees.

Note: Trustee Dennis Huffman made a motion to approve purchase, but motion died from a lack of a second.


Brian Grisham

Lomax Township

Highway Commissioner