The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Tis' the season!"

Greetings to everyone in western Illinois.

I'm a hope'n everyone is survive'n this fresh dose of winter weather we are a have'n and maintain'n a good mood. We had plenty of advance warn'n from the sensationalized weatherman as he tried to scare the stuff'ns out of everyone well in advance of it's onset.

When it finally did hit, many organizations were well intimidated psychologically into canceling any plans they had for gatherings etc.

On the way back from a motor trip Saturday I noticed up forward on the highway come'n towards me about two hundred yards a car coming gradually over the line into my lane of traffic straight for me-head on-full speed ahead!

Just before making contact he continued into the ditch as I passed him. I watched in the rear view mirror as the vehicle swerved and spun out of control finally stopping on the highway sideways blocking heavy traffic going both directions.

Much defensive drive'n was exhibited by other cars with squealin' tires and spur of the moment maneuvering.

I imagine only their launderer knows for sure the fright they must have felt as he was doing these gyrations in between and amongst the traffic.

As it turned out everyone was able to avoid hit'n him and he started up his vehicle, which by now had died, and headed back from whence he came, flushed faced, wide eyed, and well awake by this time.

I'm a guess'n everyone's guardian angels had a fine opportunity for a reunion that day as they protected all those involved in this incident. I'm a guess'n that feller simply fell asleep and it wasn't anyone's time to meet their maker so all's we had was-- "whew that was a close one!'

Ole Bill Jones had an interest'n experience in the Farm King park'n lot over in Burlington, Iowa Thursday. As he was a drive'n thru amongst the parked cars he noticed a well dressed fine sophisticated lady drive'n a luxury car hesitantly back'n up. She paused several times then finally just sat still wait'n, it appeared, for ole Bill to pass by which he did.

Bill parked at the end of the line nearest the store utlize'n his handicapped park'n sticker. As he got out of the car he noticed the fine ole cosmopolitan lady in her fancy high priced car stopped and parked betwixt him and the store entrance, block'n his path to the store.

The lady had her window rolled down and with fire roll'n out of her determined eyes with something on her angry mind just a cook'n to be let loose utilize'n her well oiled sharp tongue. She shouts to ole Bill, "You just about got your butt run over"!

Bill calmly walks up to her car politely and with a broad smile on his face, as only Bill can do, and asks, "Ma'am, what's your name". Then he leans with both arms on her window an awaits her reply.

She indignantly asks, "Why do you want to know?" Bill replies in a soft manner, "because if'n we is a gonna be discuss'n my butt, I wants to know who it is with!"

She puffed like an indignant toad and sucked in two deep lungs full of air prepare'n herself for more fuel for another attack on her new found opponent. Then Bill asks, "Ma'am, who gave you the right to try an spoil my day?" "Cheer up, won't you!"

It was plain she had no intentions of cheer'n up or lett'n anyone she was go'in to make contact with at that moment, any less miserable than she perceived she was. It was also quite clear her social status in life, with her expensive car and fine clothes, didn't allow for her to be haven social discourse with the likes of Bill Jones in his ole jalopy car parked in a handicapped park'n spot.

Consequently in disgust, she sez, "I'm outa here" and drove off as Bill recognize'n her heaped up road rage, repeated one more time in a pleasant tone and broad smile, "Cheer up for everyone's sake".

Bill sez he feels sorry for that lady's husband and the family dog when she gets home, for the mood she appeared to be in she probably kicked the stuff'ns out of the both of them immediately upon entering their home, because'n they existed.

Do ya suppose she was in that sour spiteful mood because in her Christmas shopp'n she couldn't find what she wanted in that store, or do you suppose that was just her typical nature? Maybe her mood started develop'n on "Black Friday"-who knows? Whatever the case, Bill wasn't fall'n for it and wasn't gonna let it spoil his day or the Christmas spirit.

Bill sez some older folks speak their minds just to unload what has built up over the years and they feel now age allows them to get away with it. But Bill is older also and he knows the vast majority of older folks are not like that lady scrooge who wants to destroy everyone's "Christmas spirit". Therefore he smiles and tries to diffuse those isolated dynamites whenever he can with a pleasant and gently reply.

Well, this is not the season for such goings on nor is any other season, as well. Sooo...cheer up-smile-and cut everyone some slack. For goodness sake try and stay awake whilst drive'n dure'n this Christmas season for your loved ones sake.

And, try'n reserve your "road rage" for someone who will know how to handle it properly like a "state trooper or county patrolman". They will know how to cool your heels just as well as Bill!

Remember, "you are the one who chooses your mood for the day". Why not go for the gold and leave the sharp tongue for the politicians.

Keep on Smile'n
Catch ya later
Barnyard Bruke