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Letter to Editor


"Is this democracy in action or what?"

Dear Editor,

I had the privilege of attending the special meeting on stop signs at the village hall the night of August 16. Did I get an education.

It seems in Stronghurst one person can ask for a stop sign on their street or corner and they will get it.

In Stronghurst one person can request a truck route be developed and it will happen.

Two hundred people can sign a petition requesting most of the new stop signs be removed and 100 people can attend the meeting protesting the new stop signs and truck route, and all the village board is going to do is appoint a committee and consider the requests.

Is this democracy in action or what?

This is the kind of action we expect from Washington or Springfield. You would think in a small community like Stronghurst the governing body would be more responsive to the citizens of the community.

Jerry Malcolm
Rural, Stronghurst