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Eagle View Hosts Open House for Expanded Dental Facility

by Maci Davis, The Quill

The Eagle View Community Health System in Stronghurst held an open house from 3:00 to 5:00 August 12 to commemorate the new expansion built to provide better care for the community. The afternoon began with tours of the new facility.

With the funds awarded from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, Eagle View was able to double the size of their Stronghurst location, making room for many much needed improvements.

Originally, the building did not contain a handicap accessible restroom, but with the allotted funds, they were able to convert an existing bathroom into a handicap one.

The lab and sterilization areas used to be in the same room; now each work space has an area all to itself. A new laundry room was added, which removes the huge inconvenience of having to haul their scrubs to the Oquawka location to have them cleaned. Another big bonus is the new storage areas.

Before the reconstruction it was hard to find space for all the equipment that was not used on a regular basis, now there is a storage and filing room. A new kitchen was even put in, to better accommodate the staff.

The added space has also been utilized to include several new operatories and dental equipment. Among the equipment is a new digital X-ray machine. It works just like a digital camera, taking a picture, or in this case, an X-ray, and transmitting the image directly onto a computer screen, cutting out the middle-man process of developing film.

The new dentist facility performs a number of procedures and operations. As a matter of fact, they do "everything except ortho (braces). From cleaning and fillings, to dentures.

Coming in September, you will even be able to pick up your prescriptions at the new Pharmacy opening in the lobby.

Administrator Melinda Whiteman reminds that Eagle View Community Health System accepts all patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

Rob Anderson Dentist in Stronghurst, and Greg Godfrey,Oquawka Dentist stand together in the newly expanded and high tech Stronghurst facililty.